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Set my encryption branding

With the Encryption Add-on, you can set your own branding, including colors and logo. This will display on the Proofpoint encryption email that external recipients receives, on the Proofpoint portal and login page, and on the Quarantine Digest report.

  1. Log in to Proofpoint.
  2. Under Company Settings, click Branding.
  3. Next to Upload Logo, click Choose File to use an image file for your logo.

    Note: Logos should be high quality images. The maximum width should not exceed 250 pixels, and the maximum height should not exceed 60 pixels.

  4. Choose your desired Colour Scheme, and if you want to Make Background Transparent.
  5. Enter the From Name that you want to display on encrypted emails.

    Note: You may want to use something like Your Company Name Encryption. It will display in the subject line of the email, like this: [From Name] on behalf of [Email Sender Name]

  6. Click Save.

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