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Setting Up DotNetNuke Portals with Windows Shared Hosting

Here's the lowdown: By using portals you can run multiple websites with unique domains on a single installation of DotNetNuke.

A popular feature of DotNetNuke is the ability to create multiple parent and child portals. DotNetNuke portals allow you to create multiple websites—with unique domain names—using one installation of DotNetNuke.

Note: You need an active installation of DotNetNuke on a Deluxe or Premium Windows shared hosting account to setup multiple portals with multiple domains.

To Create Portals in DotNetNuke with Unique Domain Names

  1. Add a secondary domain to your hosting account and point it to your DotNetNuke installation folder. For example, if DotNetNuke is installed at coolexample.com/dnn, specify /dnn as the secondary domain target folder.

    For help adding a secondary domain, see Managing Your Hosting Account Domains.
  2. Login to your DotNetNuke site using your SuperUser account.
  3. Mouse over Host and select Portals.

    Note: You need an available template to create a new portal. Click Export Template to export an existing template for the new portal.

  4. Click Add New Portal.
  5. Select Parent.
  6. In the Portal Alias field, enter the secondary domain name from step one and your DotNetNuke installation folder. For example anothercoolexample.com\dnn.
  7. Fill in the remaining required fields and click Create Portal.

When complete, your new portal will display when you browse to the secondary domain.

If your site does not resolve, note that it can take 24 to 48 hours for other networks to recognize the secondary domain. If you see the default portal, verify that you specified the correct folder in the Portal Alias field.

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