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SmartLine is being replaced by GoDaddy Conversations

GoDaddy Conversations is replacing SmartLine. Conversations gives you all the same great features as SmartLine, plus more. We'll automatically move your number and message history to Conversations for you, and you’ll keep your business phone number. You can continue using SmartLine as normal and we’ll let you know when it's time to start using Conversations.

Why is Conversations replacing SmartLine?

The SmartLine service is ending and Conversations is taking its place. Conversations brings you the same great features as SmartLine, plus much more. It unifies business communications into one centralized place, allowing you to easily view and manage your voicemails, text messages, calls and all other key communications channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Microsoft 365 email and Gmail, from a single place with a fresh, modern look.

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What can I do with Conversations?

  • Make and receive business calls and texts
  • Quickly know when a call is for business
  • Display your business number to a client when you call them
  • Customize voicemail for your second business number
  • Set business hours for when your phone rings
  • Easily view, organize and reply to messages and voicemails from multiple communication channels in one place
  • Manage messages across key social platforms like Facebook and Instagram without having to sign into multiple apps
  • Connect your Microsoft 365 from GoDaddy email and Gmail to Conversations to stay on top of your emails, along with all your other messages

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How does moving my SmartLine service to Conversations work?

We'll take care of moving your phone number, message history and settings over to Conversations and we'll keep you informed every step of the way.

  1. We’ll give you a heads up in the SmartLine app when we’re ready to move your service. No action is required on your part.
  2. If additional information is needed, follow the prompts in the app.
    • If you want to send text messages in Conversations, you'll need to register your number. There’s a US$19 fee to register each local number. If you use the service for calls only, you don't need to register. Find out more about registering your business.
    • If you previously registered your business to send text messages on SmartLine, your registration will carry over to Conversations.
  3. It’ll take about 30 days to move your number, message history and settings to Conversations. SmartLine will still be operational during this time, and you can keep using it as normal.
  4. When the move is complete, we’ll notify you in the SmartLine app. At that time, you’ll be redirected to the Conversations app to start using your number with Conversations. SmartLine will still be accessible until it expires, but you'll no longer be able to use your number with SmartLine.
    • SMS can take up to 72 hours to activate while carriers update their routing records. You may temporarily have issues sending and receiving text messages through Conversations during that time.
    • An equivalent Conversations plan will be added to your account with the same auto-renewal preferences (this can be updated in your Renewal Settings) and renewal date as SmartLine. You won’t see any changes in your subscription fees until it’s time to renew Conversations.
    • If you have a remaining term on your SmartLine subscription, this will be carried out on Conversations.
  5. Once you start using Conversations, we’ll automatically cancel your SmartLine subscription if you purchased directly through GoDaddy. If you purchased SmartLine via Google Play or the App Store, you'll need to cancel it yourself. Don’t worry, we’ll remind you.
  6. Going forward, your business number service will be billed under the Conversations subscription.
  7. In some cases, it may take a bit longer for your full message history to show up in Conversations. We'll keep you informed of the progress and let you know when it's done.
Note: If the SmartLine app is not installed on your device, there’ll be no service disruptions to your inbound calls. You'll still receive business calls to your forwarding number after the move is completed.

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How much does GoDaddy Conversations cost?

When we move your number over from SmartLine, we’ll automatically add the equivalent Conversations plan to your account. You’ll keep the same renewal date and you won’t see any changes in your subscription fees until it’s time to renew. In most cases, your Conversations price will be the same as your SmartLine pricing. The Conversations pricing is as follows:

SmartLine subscriptionEquivalent Conversations subscriptionConversations price
  • SmartLine Basic – monthly
  • SmartLine Unlimited – monthly
  • SmartLine monthly via Apple
  • SmartLine monthly via Google
  • Conversations - monthly US$12.99
  • SmartLine Basic - 1 year
  • SmartLine Unlimited - 1 year
  • Conversations - 1 yearUS$155.88
  • SmartLine Basic - 2 years
  • SmartLine Unlimited - 2 years
  • Conversations - 2 yearsUS$311.76
  • SmartLine Basic - 3 years
  • SmartLine Unlimited - 3 years
  • Conversations - 3 yearsUS$467.64
  • SmartLine Basic - 4 years
  • SmartLine Unlimited - 4 years
  • Conversations - 4 yearsUS$623.52
  • SmartLine Basic - 5 years
  • SmartLine Unlimited - 5 years
  • Conversations – 5 yearsUS$779.40
  • SmartLine Tol-free Basic – monthly
  • SmartLine Toll-free Pro – monthly
  • SmartLine Toll-free - from Apple App Store
  • SmartLine Toll-free - from Google Play
  • Conversations Toll-free monthlyUS$16.99
  • SmartLine Toll-free Basic - 1 year
  • SmartLine Toll-free Pro - 1 year
  • Conversations Toll-free - 1 yearUS$203.88
  • SmartLine Toll-free Basic – 2 years
  • SmartLine Toll-free Pro - 2 years
  • Conversations Toll-free – 2 yearsUS$407.76
  • SmartLine Toll-free Basic – 3 years
  • SmartLine Toll-free Pro - 3 years
  • Conversations Toll-free – 3 years US$611.64
  • SmartLine Toll-free Basic – 4 years
  • SmartLine Toll-free Pro - 4 years
  • Conversations Toll-free – 4 years US$815.52
  • SmartLine Toll-free Basic – 5 years
  • SmartLine Toll-free Pro - 5 years
  • Conversations Toll-free – 5 years US$1,019.40

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    What else is being moved from SmartLine to Conversations?

    In addition to your phone number and message history (calls, texts, voicemail & images), the following will also be moved over to Conversations, so you don’t need to set it up again:

    • Custom voicemail greeting
    • Call Availability (aka Business Hours)
    • Spam Call Filtering setting
    • Blocked numbers
    • Registration to send text messages, if you've set this up in SmartLine. Find out more about registering your business.
    Your SmartLine contacts will NOT be moved to Conversations. To see your business contacts in the Conversations app, you’ll need to selectively import your business contacts from your device, which will create a dedicated business contact list in the app. Keeping your business contacts separate from your personal ones helps you stay organized.

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    How is the Conversations call quality compared to SmartLine?

    Conversations uses a similar technology to SmartLine to make and receive calls, using your cellular carrier service. The call quality will mirror your personal calls.

    You'll also have the option of using an internet connection to make and receive calls, so it uses your Wi-Fi or cellular data connection. With this option, call quality will depend on the strength of your Wi-Fi or cellular data connection.

    Note: If you were using the SmartLine service for inbound calls only, there'll be no service disruptions to your inbound calls when you move to Conversations. You’ll only need to install the Conversations mobile app to make calls and send/receive messages.

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    I don't want to move to Conversations; what are my options?

    Conversations will completely replace SmartLine by the end of 2024 and we’ll automatically move your service to Conversations. To opt out, you can:

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