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SmartLine is being replaced by GoDaddy Conversations

GoDaddy Conversations is replacing SmartLine. If you’re a SmartLine customer, we'll be moving your business phone number to Conversations before the end of 2023. You can keep using SmartLine normally and we’ll send you a message when it’s time to start using Conversations.

Why is Conversations replacing SmartLine?

Conversations is GoDaddy's upgraded messaging product, with all the features of SmartLine and more. It provides a single inbox to manage all your business messages, including texts, emails, website chat messages, contact form messages and social media messages (Facebook and Instagram), alongside your business calls.

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How long will it take to move my number from SmartLine to GoDaddy Conversations?

Once you’re notified that your number is moving, transferring your number will take about one month. You can keep using your number with SmartLine while you wait. We’ll notify you when your phone number has moved and it’s time to use GoDaddy Conversations.

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Can I keep using my SmartLine number while it’s being transferred?

Yes, you can continue to use your phone number with SmartLine while we move it over to Conversations.

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Will my business number be down at any point during the transfer?

Once your number is moved over to Conversations, there will be little to no downtime. Sometimes, SMS can take up to 72 hours to activate while carriers update their routing records. You may temporarily have issues sending and receiving text messages through Conversations during that time.

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What happens to my conversation history?

Your conversation history (calls and text messages) won’t be transferred to Conversations, but you can view past messages in your SmartLine app. Your SmartLine subscription will automatically be set to $0.00 until SmartLine is permanently shut down. You can cancel SmartLine at any time if you no longer need access to your past messages.

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Will my SmartLine contacts transfer to Conversations?

No. SmartLine uses your smartphone contacts. To see your contacts in the Conversations app, you’ll need to import your contacts from your smartphone and create a dedicated business contact list. Keeping your business contacts separate from your personal ones in this way helps you stay organized.

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Will my SmartLine settings, like my voicemail greeting and business hours, transfer to Conversations?

Yes, your SmartLine app settings will automatically transfer to Conversations. To find out how to personalize your settings on the Conversations app after your move, visit the Conversations help center.

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How is the Conversations call quality compared to SmartLine?

Conversations uses an internet connection to transmit calls and texts, so only uses your Wi-Fi or cellular data connection. The call quality will depend on the strength of your Wi-Fi or cellular data connection.

If you were using the SmartLine service for inbound calls only, when you move to Conversations, you’ll need to install the Conversations mobile app to continue receiving calls on your business number.

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What happens after my number moves from SmartLine to Conversations?

We'll notify you when your number has been moved over to Conversations. After that, you’ll no longer be able to use your phone number with SmartLine.

We’ll also send you a link to download the Conversations app. Sign in to Conversations with your GoDaddy username and password and use your phone number in Conversations, just like you did in SmartLine.

Your SmartLine subscription will still appear in your account with billing set to $0.00, and you’ll be able to see your message history until SmartLine permanently shuts down.

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Will moving from SmartLine to Conversations cost me anything?

When we move your number over from SmartLine, we’ll automatically add the equivalent Conversations plan to your account. You’ll keep the same renewal date and you won’t see any changes in your subscription fees until it’s time to renew. The Conversations pricing is as follows:

Monthly - $12.99Monthly - $16.99
1 year - $124.701 year - $163.10
2 years - $233.822 years - $305.82
3 years - $327.353 years - $428.15
4 years - $405.294 years - $530.09
5 years - $467.645 years - $611.64

If you use your number to send SMS and MMS messages, you’ll need to register your business to send text messages once your number has been moved over to Conversations. This is a new industry-wide requirement from the mobile carriers to help reduce unwanted spam messages. Your ability to receive texts and calls and make calls is not affected by this, so you don’t need to register unless you send outbound text messages. For local businesses, there’s a one-time $19.00 registration fee for each local number. For toll-free numbers, it’s free to register.

Note: The requirement to register your business is not connected to your SmartLine migration; it’s coincidental that they’re happening at the same time.

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Do I have to move my number from SmartLine to Conversations?

Conversations will completely replace SmartLine by early 2024. To avoid disruptions to your business communications and the risk of losing your phone number, please follow the instructions when we notify you that it's time to start using your number with Conversations.

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