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Troubleshoot: Caller ID

SmartLine is designed to keep your personal number private by displaying your business number when you make an outbound call. When you receive a call, the caller ID information will note that the caller dialed your SmartLine number. If are experiencing issues with the caller ID feature, you can find some solutions below.

Update the mobile app

Some issues can be resolved by updating the SmartLine app. Please see update your app for instructions on downloading the latest version.

Sign out, then sign back in

You should make sure that your phone is correctly linked to your SmartLine service.

  1. Log out of the SmartLine app.
  2. Log back into SmartLine.
  3. Verify your mobile number, then tap Confirm.
  4. Allow access to Contacts and Notifications
  5. You can continue through the following tour or just tap Skip to return to your message history.

Note: In order for SmartLine to work properly, the SmartLine app must have access to your Contacts and Notifications.

  • Incoming Caller ID
  • Outgoing Caller ID
  • Incoming Caller ID

    Caller ID information just says SmartLine

    Your phone may be saving your SmartLine contacts as "SmartLine". You will need to edit the contact name from your phone's contact list.

    No caller ID information appears

    See the Troubleshooting notifications article for information on giving access to your phone's notifications. Otherwise, it could just mean that the caller has caller ID turned off for their outgoing calls.

    Outgoing Caller ID

    I want my outgoing calls to show my business name

    The feature to display your business name on your outgoing calls is currently not available for SmartLine. For now, outgoing calls will display your business phone number.

    It's says I'm calling from a different city

    The city that appears on your outgoing caller ID is bound to the phone number. The first three numbers of your phone number after the area code determine what city will appear on the outgoing caller ID.

    Someone else's name shows up

    The name that is appearing on your outgoing caller ID might belong to the number's previous owner. This name is still listed in the CNAM registry, which a database many phone providers use for caller ID information. Contact support to have the name removed.

    My outgoing caller ID is not showing

    Caller ID may be turned off for your phone. You can check your phone's settings to make sure your outbound calls display your phone number.

    1. Go to Settings.
    2. Tap Phone.
    3. Show My Caller ID.
    4. Turn the Show My Caller ID toggle on.
    1. Go to Phone.
    2. Tap Menu.
    3. Tap Settings.
    4. Tap More Settings.
    5. Tap Caller ID.

    Additionally, if you have installed any other third-party apps that block your caller ID from appearing on outbound calls, you should disable them during business hours.

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