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Troubleshoot: Outgoing calls

If you are unable to to make an outbound call from the SmartLine app, there a few settings you can check to make sure your calls can be connected.

Update the SmartLine app

Be sure to get the latest version of the SmartLine app. Your issue may have been fixed in a recent update.

Re-Link your smartphone

The SmartLine app uses your cell network to make and receive phone calls. Upon your initial set up, you are asked to enter your cell phone number into the app. This links the app to your cell service. If the number is entered incorrectly, you won't be able to connect to your cell network. Follow the steps below to review your settings:

  1. In the SmartLine app, tap Settings .
  2. Review the number listed for the Linked Mobile Phone.
  3. If you need to update the phone number, tap Linked Mobile Phone to enter the correct phone number.
  4. Tap Back to save the new phone number.

Caller ID is disabled

When you make a call with the SmartLine app, your call is directed to the SmartLine switchboard before you are connected to the other party. This is so your SmartLine number will appear on the other party's incoming caller ID. In order for SmartLine to verify the call is coming from your phone, the Caller ID feature on your phone must be enabled. If you are unable to turn on Caller ID from your device, you will need to contact your wireless provide for assistance.

The number you are calling is an international number

You can only call U.S. phone numbers with your SmartLine account. Calls to international numbers, including Canada and Mexico, are not supported.

Custom dialer error

Some dialers prepend a +1 to the number. This can cause SmartLine calls to fail.

Do you have a cell signal?

Calls can only be made over the cell phone network, not VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Calls won't be able to connect solely on a Wi-Fi connection. Make sure the device has cellular service and a signal.

You hear a message requesting your PIN

You may have dialed your own number. Make sure that the number you have dialed is not your cell phone number.

There is a delay before you hear the phone ring on the outbound call

Some calls may take a second longer to connect when calling through the SmartLine switchboard than they would if dialed directly. This is normal behavior.

On the iPhone, a prompt appears with a different number than the one I'm calling

In iOS 10.3 for iPhone, Apple introduced a security feature that prevents non-Apple apps from making outbound calls without additional confirmation from the user. The number shown in this confirmation box is the SmartLine switchboard number. The switchboard will connect the you to the number you are calling. Your SmartLine number will appear as the outbound caller ID.

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