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Troubleshoot: Voicemails going to the wrong inbox

Any missed calls to your SmartLine number are automatically directed to your SmartLine voicemail box. However, some have reported that voicemails are being sent to their phone's native voicemail box. Below are some tips to help resolve that issue.

The call was declined

If you tap Ignore (Android) or Decline (iPhone) on an incoming call, the call will be directed to your personal voicemail. To ensure that your missed calls go to your SmartLine voicemail, just allow the call to ring through to voicemail or silence the call by pressing the power button on your mobile device. You can use the volume buttons on your mobile device to adjust the volume of the ringing.

Turn off Do Not Disturb for your phone

When your phone's Do Not Disturb feature is set to On, all your incoming calls will be declined. Go into your phone's settings to make sure this feature is off.

SmartLine number is on your phone's block list

Check your phone's blocked numbers list to see if your SmartLine number is listed. If you see your number on the list, delete it.

Set your phone's voicemail to pick up after 30 seconds

If you are an AT&T or T-Mobile customer, you can delay your phone's voicemail by 30 seconds. This will allow your SmartLine voicemail to pick up the message.

  1. Launch the native Phone app for your device.
  2. Open the keypad and enter *#61#, then tap Call.
  3. Make a note of the phone number listed under the Voice Call Forwarding section, then tap Dismiss.
  4. When you return to the keypad, enter *61* followed by the voice call forwarding number you noted earlier.
  5. Add *11 after your voice call forwarding number.
  6. Add *30# to the end. Your entry should look like this:
    • *61*5551234567*11*30#
  7. Tap the Call button to finalize.

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