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Turn on Spam Call Filtering

Spam calls, or robocalls, are unwanted calls designed to sell you services or collect personal information. SmartLine's free Spam Call Filtering feature sends calls directly to your SmartLine voicemail if they match a number on a database of suspected spam callers. This list is continually updated to protect you from as many unwanted calls as possible.

Note: Spam Call Filtering is only available in the latest version of the SmartLine app. Please update your app before proceding to the steps below.

  1. Login to the SmartLine mobile app.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Tap Spam Call Filtering.
  4. Turn on Send spam calls to voicemail.
    Send spam to voicemail
  5. Tap Settings to exit.
  6. Any incoming spam calls will be sent directly to your SmartLine voicemail and labeled as spam in your call history.
    Send spam to voicemail

Could I still receive spam calls while using the Spam Call Filtering feature?

Yes. While the Spam Call Filtering feature can identify almost all of the incoming robocalls, a small percentage of spam calls may still get through the filter. You can manually block these calls.

How can I review what calls have been filtered as spam?

All filtered spam calls will appear in your call history. If the spam caller leaves you a voice message, you will also find that message labeled as “spam”. The missed calls and voicemails are both labeled as spam so you can easily identify filtered calls.

What if I suspect legitimate calls are being filtered as spam?

In the unlikely event that SmartLine identifies a legitimate call as Spam, you will still be able to see it in your call history and voicemail, and retrieve the voice message. If this happens on a recurring basis, you may want to disable spam call filtering.

In the future, the SmartLine team hopes to give our customers a way to "white list" calls we have been flagging as spam.

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