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Understanding Facebook boosted posts and ads

Connect your GoDaddy account to Facebook Business Manager to advertise your content and grow your audience and followers. This article helps you understand how the connection between GoDaddy and Facebook works, and some troubleshooting steps if the connection isn’t working.

Note: Facebook boosted posts and ads are only available for Websites + Marketing Premium and Commerce plans and Digital Marketing Suite.

What are Facebook boosted posts and ads?

When you boost a Facebook post or set up Facebook ads, you pay for them through Facebook. Facebook reviews every boosted post and ad to make sure it meets their advertising guidelines. Read the Facebook Advertising Policies if you want to know more.

The differences between a boosted post and ads are:

  • A boosted post is an existing post on your Page's timeline that you apply money to in order to boost it to an audience of your choosing. This is the simplest way to advertise on Facebook.
  • Facebook ads allow you to tell people about your business or products to people targeted by age, interests, behavior, location, and more. Facebook ads are created in Ads Manager and have more customization than a boosted post.

Basic requirements for setting up boosted posts and ads

Facebook Business Manager is a tool you use to organize and manage your Facebook business Page and ad accounts.

Note: In order to ensure GoDaddy can connect to your account, you'll also need to enable two factor authentication on your Facebook page. This is a measure required by Facebook to protect your business.

Once you authorize the GoDaddy Facebook app to connect to your Facebook page, we’ll also automatically connect to your Facebook Business Manager and ad account. If you don’t already have a Business Manager or ad account, we’ll create them for you.

In order to run ads or boost posts, your personal Facebook account must have Admin roles in three areas:

  • The page you connect to in GoDaddy.
  • The Facebook Business Manager that runs the page you connect to GoDaddy.
  • The Ads Manager connected to the Business Manager.

For more information on roles and permissions, read the overview of Facebook Page roles and permissions in the Facebook Help Center.

Get Page Admin access

You have two options to gain Admin access to a page:

To find who is the owner (and at least one of the Admins) of a page, go to the Facebook page. Select Settings then Page Roles and then select Page Owner. If you don’t see the Settings option, either use the About section or scroll down the Home tab and look for the Page Transparency section beside the feed.

Get Business Manager Admin access

If your page isn’t associated with a Business Manager account, GoDaddy will create one for you or you can go to and create an account. In the business settings, add a page and request access to the page.

If you don’t have Business Manager Admin access and know the person who is, ask them to follow these instructions to add you as an Admin.

If someone else has claimed your business page, you may file an ownership dispute. From your personal Facebook account, select the drop-down menu in the upper right corner, select Help & Support, then Report a Problem. Under Where is the problem?, select Pages and explain that you are the owner and need access. Be sure to insert the page link and explain you need page ownership of the business page and the business manager.

Get Ads Manager Admin access

If you haven’t added an ad account in Business Manager, GoDaddy will create one for you or you can create an ad account in Business Manager yourself. These are also the same instructions to request access to an ad account.

If you want to manage your ads with other people, add them to your ad account. If your ads account is disabled, you may need to troubleshoot a disabled ad account.

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