Verify your setup with test calls

After you've linked your smartphone, you will be immediately directed to the verification page to test your call settings. You will only be able to test your settings from this page. If you have not linked your smartphone, please see Link my smartphone for more information.

Note: If you want to bypass the test calls, tap SKIP in the top right corner of the screen.

  1. After you've linked your smartphone, click Make a Test Call to make sure you are able to make outgoing calls with the app.
    Make a Test Call
  2. Note: For the iOS version of the mobile app, you will be asked to confirm that you want to make an outbound call. Tap Call to continue.

  3. If the call worked, click Yes It Worked - Continue.
    Yes It Worked
  4. Note: If the call didn't work, make sure your mobile number is correct. If the mobile number is correct, you can click Try Again: Make a Test Call to test your settings again.

  5. Click Get a Test Call to make sure you are able to receive incoming calls with the app.
    Get a Test Call
  6. Once you have completed your test calls, click Finish to start using the app.
    Tap Finish

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