Poynt Card Reader Help

View or change the paired Poynt Card Reader

Pair your GoDaddy mobile app with a Poynt Card Reader to view, manage and approve all transactions through your mobile device. If needed, switch between different devices through your app when making transactions.

  1. Launch the GoDaddy mobile app. You might be prompted to sign in.
  2. Tap Payments > Start Selling.
  3. Tap start selling icon in the upper-right hand corner.
  4. The Poynt Card Reader you’re currently connected to or have previously connected to will appear. You may need to tap Disconnect, then tap Switch.
  5. The app will search for available Bluetooth devices. When the Poynt Card Reader you’d like to connect to appears in the list, tap Connect. (Poynt Card Reader not appearing? Check out our troubleshooting tips for help.)
  6. Tap Pair to connect your GoDaddy app with the Poynt Card Reader.
  7. When you’re asked for a PIN, enter the BT Passkey that’s printed on your Poynt Card Reader.
    BT Passkey placement on the device
  8. Tap Pair to complete the connection.
  9. Your Poynt Card Reader is now synced to the GoDaddy app! Tap Start Selling to return to the keypad screen.

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