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Viewing Email Accounts and Email Aliases in Simple Control Panel

To View Email Accounts and Email Aliases

  1. Log in to Simple Control Panel. For more information as to how to do this, see How do I access my Dedicated Server using Simple Control Panel?
  2. Click the Email icon.
  3. Click the Edit button for the domain you want to view. If you are unsure which button is the Edit button, hover your mouse cursor over the buttons to the right of the domain name to view the tooltips for each button.
    If there are no domain names listed, you need to add a domain before you can access it. For more information see, Adding Domains to the Email Configuration.
  4. You can view the following information:
    • Email accounts area - Lists all the email accounts for the domain you selected.
    • Aliases area - Lists all the alias accounts for the domain you selected.
  5. When you are finished viewing the email accounts and aliases, click Done.

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