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What apps are available for the Poynt Smart Terminal?

You can customize your Poynt Smart Terminal with apps designed to fit your unique business needs. Many apps include a risk-free trial, so you can try them out to see how they can help your business.

The following apps are currently available for download in the App Center. We are regularly adding new apps, so please check back to see what’s new.

Note: Some apps are only compatible with a specific Smart Terminal version (like V3.0). Before subscribing to an app, make sure it’s compatible with your device. You can find your Smart Terminal version number on a sticker on the back of your device, and compatibility info in the app details.
App Description Developer Works with
AdvancePro Inventory (AP Mobile) AP Mobile gives you the intelligence of AdvancePro in the palm of your hand. AdvancePro Technologies V2.0
AlphaPay Alpha Pay app enables Merchants to accept WeChat Pay, Alipay and Union Pay by scanning customers’ Barcode/QR Code. AlphaPay V2.0
Applova Applova Business Manager is a single application to manage your sales orders, notify your customers about orders, send promotional messages and much more. Apptizer Inc. V2.0
Aptito POS Aptito is a robust POS solution for business owners to run an entire restaurant on. Netlab Systems LLC V2.0
Cage Cash Allow customers to perform cash advance. David Balmer (NexGen development) V2.0
CashDiscount This enables you to be able to take Cash Discount with an enabled Cash Discount Processor configured on the backend. Cash Discount V2.0
Cash Discount Cash Discount offers the small business owner a way to recoup much of the cost associated with accepting payment by charging a SC (Service Charge Fee) for ALL denominations while offering a discount to cash payments. V2.0
Cash n Tips "Cash n Tips" app lets you manage daily balances, deposits, withdrawals, cash transactions & tips with it's centralized & easy to use UI. Appkogent V2.0
Citcon Citcon Mobile is a payment application developed by Citcon, a leading cross-border mobile payment company based in Silicon Valley Citcon V2.0
Connect to POS Keep your existing POS and use Connect to POS by eThor to make payments as well as sync check information with your POS. eThor Media Ltd. V2.0
DataPoint Aloha Micros EMV Solution SoftPoint V2.0
DAVO Sales Tax DAVO Sales Tax automatically sets your sales tax aside daily using sales data from GoDaddy Payments. DAVO then files and pays sales tax to the state, on time and in full. Guaranteed. DAVO by Avalara V2.0
Dello Crypto payment mode. Accept crypto payments, receive cash. PremiceSoft V2.0
Digital Loyalty Loyalzoo is an integrated loyalty system for your Smart Terminal. Loyalzoo V2.0
Display Link (Fresh KDS) Seamlessly sync with Fresh KDS (kitchen display). Poynt Co. V2.0
Easy Labels "The Easy Labels app enables you to print each product's UPC-A, EAN-13 or EAN-8 barcode, price, unit, and name on labels to help you manage your inventory and make customer checkout fast and efficient. Seven Spaces V2.0
EATTE POS Online Ordering Management HUBB V2.0
eConduit eConduit is a cloud solution providing a bridge/connection from your Point of Sale solution to the Smart Terminal device(s). eConduit V2.0
eGiftify Launch a complete gift card program in just a few clicks that seamlessly integrates with your POYNT solution. Track & manage from anywhere and watch your sales grow. And if you have existing gift cards, no problem, we’ll migrate the old ones seamlessly. eGiftify V2.0
eHopper eHopper is a full-featured & device agnostic POS software ideal for retail and food & drink businesses at an affordable price in US and global markets. eHopper V2.0
ezPad Integrated with ecopos IT4Merchant Solution V2.0
F4 Gift Card Terminal This is a gift and loyalty processing application that allows merchants to run gift card and loyalty transactions on any Poynt Terminal. Our app is a complete gift and loyalty solution. Factor4 Gift and Loyalty V2.0
F4 Gift Card PLUS All the function of in store gift cards - with PLUS - to be able to SMS/EMAIL gift cards right from your Poynt device. Factor 4 Gift and Loyalty V2.0
Gift Cards Sell Physical Gift Card instore, and digital Gift Cards from your website and social media - both seamlessly redeemed directly on your Smart Terminal device. Loylap V2.0
Gift Easy Get started with your own branded gift card program in 3 simple steps. Let your customers download your gift card on their Apple Wallet and Android Passes. Northern POS Inc V2.0
Gift Easy 2.0 Sell Digital Gift Card on your Facebook page or Website. Generate cash flow and increase customer loyalty! Northern POS Inc V2.0
HQ GoDaddy Poynt App. Poynt Co. V2.0
Inventoread Effective inventory Management. Appkogent V2.0
Invoices Send invoices to your customers and get paid at your convenience. Poynt V2.0
Kikkle State-of-the art loyalty/rewards platform. Powerful offers engine, comprehensive CRM, intuitive campaign management and plastic as well as digital giftcards. Customer Connect LLC V2.0
Kitchen Display Kitchen Display works out-of-the-box with your Smart Terminal and allows you to view, progress and complete orders on any Smart Terminal and other devices, such as tablets, TVs, and phones. Appkogent V2.0
Loyalty Reward your best customers and keep them coming back. Loylap V2.0
Lucky Loyalty Loyalty rewards awarded at random. Loyalzoo V2.0
Memberships Offer your customers VIP benefits on a subscription basis. Loyalzoo V2.0
NihaoPay NhaoPay checkout with wechatpay. NihaoPay V2.0
Notification Manager Notification Manager is an intuitive notification reminder app that will help you remember the important things in your day. PayPlaxe V2.0
Online Order Manager Online Ordering for Restaurants Northern POS Inc V2.0
Order Manager Manage online orders from your website and social media pages with no commission or fees Northern POS Inc V2.0
Order On The Go POS Order On The Go is the next generation restaurant management solution Northern POS Inc V2.0
Paya Gift Cards Paya's Gift Cards are reusable, stored-value cards that provide an electronic alternative to paper gift certificates and cash. Easily activate, reload, redeem, void and transfer gift cards directly from the Poynt Smart Terminal. Increase brand awareness and help generate sales with this simple solution. NetLab Systems LLC V2.0
PaymentLock Plus Discount for cash solution. PaymentLock, Inc V2.0
PIC MIDDLEWARE PIC POYNT Middleware allows a point-of-sale application to integrate with the POYNT terminal. Northern POS Inc V2.0
POS Bridge POS Bridge provides an HTTP interface to allow POS systems to connect over local networks. Poynt Co. V2.0
POS-n-go Restaurant & Retail POS A powerful and easy to use POS for Retail Shops, Bookstores, Specialty Grocery, Restaurants, Cafés, Pubs, Bars & More. POS-n-go Solutions Inc V2.0
Print Your Logo This app allows you to print your company's logo on your customer's paper receipts. Zoomifi, Inc V2.0
PVOT Smart POS System by Evertec EvertecDEV V2.0
QR Digital Menu QR Code Digital Menu for Restaurants, Cafe and Bar Northern POS Inc V2.0
QuickPoint Aloha and Micros Pay At the Counter EMV Solution SoftPoint V2.0
ROCKET TABS Easily create and sync custom tabs across multiple terminals, pre-authorize credit cards, and print offers on your receipts! Rocket Tabs V2.0
Salon Scheduler Quickly and easily schedule appointments, provide text reminders, keep a note order journal, and view past orders. AppHeaven V2.0
SignaPay The SignaPay App has technology that automatically assesses service fees and discount amounts with each purchase. Much simpler than traditional processing, the SignaPay App offers fixed flat or fixed %-based fee structures. Derek Lapis V2.0
Sky Salon An easy to use Scheduling / Booking management app for Salons and Wellness Centers. Silver Sky Soft Services Inc V2.0
Surcharge App Substantially reduce payment processing fees Surcharge sales made by credit cards Discount sales for payments made by cash. V2.0
Table Pay Table Pay app provides seamless integration between your Windows POS and GoDaddy Payments Smart Terminals. Table Pay app is idle for fine dining restaurants. Other use cases include pay at the door for food delivery drivers. Northern POS Inc V2.0
Tableside Order Manager Manage Table-side Orders on Poynt! Enable your customers to order directly from their smartphones by scanning a QR code on the table. Receive the orders directly on Poynt and send the orders to kitchen printers. Northern POS Inc V2.0
TEI Payments This solution is to be utilized with the Total e Integrated Inc applications for payment processing through Poynt Total e Integrated Inc V2.0
TextIn Use SMS to cultivate a relationship with your customers. Colligso V2.0
Time Clock Time Clock handles your employee schedules, time tracking, overtime, timecards and more. Homebase V2.0
VidaPay Wireless Payment Solution T-Cetra, LLC V2.0
WAVit Auto Processing fees, even for small credit card purchases, can add up quickly. With MiCamp’s WAVit for Dealerships solution, you’re able to process an unlimited amount of credit card transactions for one low monthly rate, accept all major credit cards, and increase your business’ profitability – all for a fraction of what you pay now. MiCamp Solutions V2.0
Zero Pay Cash Discount Offset your merchant service fees without increasing your overall rates. It is a method of passing a service fee to all customers while giving a discount to those who pay with cash. NetLab Systems LLC V2.0

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