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What is Route 53?

Note: This article applies only to Managed WooCommerce Stores accounts purchased before December 6, 2023. Accounts purchased after that date do not use Route 53.

For best performance, Managed WooCommerce Stores uses Amazon's DNS management service, Route 53. Although you could keep your existing DNS service, here's the scoop on why you should switch:

How is Route 53 better?

As a core feature of AWS, Route 53 enables Managed WooCommerce Stores to integrate better with underlying services like Amazon's content delivery network, CloudFront. It allows controlling DNS records in ways that cannot be done using standard DNS solutions, such as associating a record with a specific AWS resource, as well as geographic or latency-based routing.

Architecturally, Route 53's globally distributed footprint makes it extremely reliable. Designed for maximum DNS availability, AWS backs that architecture with a 100% uptime SLA for DNS queries.

Finally, we provide Route 53 at no charge for Managed WooCommerce Stores customers.

If my DNS is hosted with GoDaddy, why do I need to change it?

Managed WooCommerce Stores requires CNAME flattening, which is not supported by GoDaddy's DNS for domains (like CNAME flattening allows pointing a domain to a CNAME, which is normally impossible because of how DNS standards are written.

Does Route 53 cost extra?

Nope. We provide Route 53 DNS management for Managed WooCommerce Stores customers at no extra charge. You can keep your current DNS provider if you like—but we think Route 53 is a better option offering better performance.

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