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What is X.CO?

X.CO is a tool that lets you take a long URL and convert it to a much shorter, more manageable one. And in today's fast-paced world, shorter is better. GoDaddy's X.CO is one of the most efficient shortening applications on the Web. What's more, X.CO isn't tied to any platform and there's no sign up required.

By using a shorter URL, it's much easier to share links in emails or on social networking sites such as Twitter or Facebook, where there's a premium on the number of characters you can use.

For example, when you paste this long URL into X.CO:


You'll get this: http://x.co/exchange. Easy, right?

X.CO lets you track and compile statistics on who is clicking your link, from where, and how often. Plus, you can even create customized links for marketing campaigns, blogs and email.

To learn how to shorten a URL using X.CO, see Shortening your URL with X.CO. To learn how to create custom links, see Creating Custom Links Using X.CO.

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