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What pre-installed apps are available on my Poynt Smart Terminal?

Your Poynt Smart Terminal comes with pre-installed apps so you can start creating orders and processing payments right away! The following apps are available directly from your Poynt Smart Terminal home screen to give you easy access to each feature.

Additional third-party apps are available for download through the App Center.

  • Terminal: Process a transaction for a quick purchase. For example, you can charge a customer a single item amount without specifying details of the item.
  • Transactions: View a list of transactions processed across the Poynt Smart Terminal, Online Store and mobile app. You can refund, void or cancel orders from this app as well as print and resend receipts.
  • Register: Create and process orders using products you’ve added to your store catalog.
  • Orders: View and fulfill all delivery and pickup orders placed through your Websites + Marketing Online Store. Customers can pay online or pay when they pick up their order.
  • Manual Entry: Enter a customized amount and manually enter a credit card number and billing information to charge a customer. This comes in handy for an order over the phone, or if a customer’s card isn’t working with tap, swipe or insert.
  • Apps: Subscribe to third-party apps in the App Center to enhance your business.
  • Settlements: See today’s transactions or End of Day Summary. You can also generate different reports.
  • Catalog: Add or create products and add them to your catalog. Assign products to your Poynt Smart Terminal and view them in the Register app to process orders.
  • Deposits: View your daily payout amount and generate reports. 
  • Help: Run diagnostics on any Poynt Smart Terminal features to make sure they’re working properly.
  • Calculator: A standard calculator tool to help you make quick item amount calculations. 

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