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Which printers and accessories can I use with the Poynt Smart Terminal?

Connect external accessories like printers and cash drawers to customize the way you use your Poynt Smart Terminal and manage your business. Your Poynt Smart Terminal can connect to a variety of peripherals using USB, Bluetooth, or network connections.

Many USB, Bluetooth and network-connected accessories are compatible with the Poynt Smart Terminal. The following accessories have been specifically certified to work with the Poynt Smart Terminal. If you have an issue with a product not listed below, and we are unable to resolve the issue for you, we may direct you to contact the company that made your accessory for assistance.

Note: You can add, test and remove accessories on your Poynt Smart Terminal by going to Settings > Accessory.

Supported Printers

Vendor Printer Name Network Chained Cash Drawer Support
Star Printers Star SP-700 X X
Star Printers Star TSP100/TSP143LAN X

Supported Cash Drawers

Vendor Cash Drawer Name USB Cable
SOLUX SOLUX - SX-CD-100-RJ + USB Trigger X
Vasario APG Vasario X

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