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Managed WooCommerce Stores

Grow your business, your way.

Enjoy the flexibility you want with our new WordPress ecommerce platform. Start today or get a free consultation from one of our experts.

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Everything you need to sell.

Yep, the works. Our fully-managed platform includes payment processing, marketing, shipping, inventory management, a single dashboard to manage it all and much more.

Sell with one solution.

You want to sell everywhere — Instagram, Etsy, eBay, Facebook, Amazon and beyond. Now you can in online marketplaces, social, in an ecommerce website and in-person with just one solution.

Expand your online store.

Your first, fully-customizable ecommerce website. With access to thousands of extensions that integrate with apps like Mailchimp, QuickBooks, HubSpot and more — your store can grow with you. 

Managed WooCommerce Stores

Flexible and scalable. Grow the way you want.

Get a free expert consultation.

Learn how Managed WooCommerce Stores can help you grow your business. 

Reimagine how big your business can be.

Your store, your way. Way better.

This will be that WooCommerce store you’ve always wanted. You have the flexibility and control to create the unique online presence you need — so you can grow by selling the way you want.

One dashboard manages it all.

Save time and end headaches when you track online sales and auto-sync inventory across your ecommerce website and online marketplaces — from one handy place.


We manage the tech. You focus on growing.

We fully-manage and keep your WordPress and WooCommerce software, plugins and extensions updated. Plus, we do software regression testing and continually test so nothing breaks — so you keep humming along.

WooCommerce hosting beyond blazing fast.

Your ecommerce website is on AWS (Amazon Web Services) — tuned for reliability, performance and uptime. The CDN acceleration delivers faster page load times and great site conversions. Plus, you get a WooCommerce optimized infrastructure, your site’s backed up daily and kept for 30 days.

Security to sleep easy.

We take a proactive approach to site safety — our security is designed to help prevent threats. With Managed WooCommerce Stores, it’s like having an armored escort for your and your customers’ data. Get it and you'll sleep well tonight and every night.

Marketplace magic — one listing sells to millions.

Create one product listing and sell to the world. Our technology connects each ecommerce website listing to online marketplaces and social like Instagram, Google, Etsy, eBay, Facebook, Amazon, Walmart and beyond. 


GoDaddy Payments

Keep more money with the lowest fees.

While you can connect with the payment provider of your choice, GoDaddy Payments is integrated and saves you money to help you grow. Our online transaction fee is the lowest compared to other leading providers.** No long-term contracts, set up or hidden fees. 

Unify online and in-person sales.

Our integrated Point of Sale (POS) unifies sales in one dashboard so you can sell anywhere, taking credit and debit cards and payments with Apple Pay and Google Pay. Plus, customers can buy online and pick-up in store.

WooCommerce hosting to help elevate your business.

Included with Managed WooCommerce Store plans.
  • 99.95% Uptime Guarantee

  • Git integration

  • Generous Storage and Bandwidth limits

  • 30-day Backup retention

  • Malware removal

  • Dynamic site acceleration including CDN

  • Web Application Firewall (WAF)

  • Malware scanning

  • AWS data centers in the US

  • PHP version managed

  • 1-click staging

  • WooCommerce and WordPress version managed

  • Free automated daily backups

  • SFTP access

  • Plugin and extension updates managed

Get a free site migration, and some peace of mind.

Once you’ve got your Managed WooCommerce Store plan, our experts will personally move your existing WordPress or WooCommerce website content, worry-free, 24/7/365.

59,000+ plugins and extensions.

Unlike other ecommerce solutions that limit you, you have access to the entire WordPress and WooCommerce marketplace. Plus, we get you started with 25+ free premium extensions (worth over $2300) to give you the flexibility to help you build your site the way you want.


Evolve and grow with premium ecommerce tools.

Get increased flexibility to help accelerate your business.

Payment Options

GoDaddy Payments is integrated for you and saves you money with the lowest payment transaction fees compare to other providers.* Or, you can choose from 250+ other payment providers.

Unlimited Product Listings

Go big — list as many as you want. Plus, edit all your listings from your online store and the updates show up across all your connected sales channels like some sort of technical wizardry.

Flexible Shipping

Save time and money with discounted real-time rates, label purchase and flexibility for international, domestic and local delivery and pick-up. Plus, automated tracking makes fulfilling orders a breeze.

Automated Sales Tax Calculation

Stay compliant and save lots of time with automated sales tax calculation at checkout. It also makes tax time simpler for you.

Unlimited Staff Accounts

Remember that first time you grew and had to hire someone? Prepare for your next growth with the ability to add unlimited staff accounts. 

Abandoned Cart Recovery

They were so close to buying. Now you can automatically reengage those who enter their information in a cart but leave without buying.

Business Email — Free for 1st Year

Get one professional email address that includes your business name — a great way to build your brand with your customers.

Free Domain

Choose a new domain from the largest pool of domain names. Get one that matches your brand, or transfer your existing domain.

Edit On-The-Go

Conveniently edit and manage your website from your phone, tablet or computer — from wherever you are.

Product Reviews

Track your performance with helpful metrics like website views, orders and social engagement metrics, all from one dashboard.

Social Logins

Let customers to log into your store using their Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon, LinkedIn, PayPal, Disqus, Yahoo, or VK accounts.

Discounts & Promotions

Easily add custom banners to your site and offer coupons and discounts to boost sales during important promotions.

Checkout Add-ons

Accept tips, offer gift-wrapping or let customers add a gift message to their order. Plus, add free or paid options to your checkout page.

Cart Notices

Convert more sales by displaying dynamic, actionable messages to your customers as they check out.

Address Validation

No more wasted money shipping to an invalid address. Easily add verification, auto-complete, or postcode lookup to your checkout.

Compare Managed WooCommerce Store Plans

Compare Managed WooCommerce Store Plans


Prices as low as

$99.99 /mo

Renews at $99.99/mo


Prices as low as

$149.99 /mo

Renews at $149.99/mo


Prices as low as

$249.99 /mo

Renews at $249.99/mo

Online store
Products supported
Physical + digital + services + membership
Physical + digital + services + membership
Physical + digital + services + membership
Unlimited products
Staff accounts
24/7 support
24x7 phone, Email & Live Chat
24x7 phone, Email & Live Chat
24x7 phone, Email & Live Chat
Sale channels
Up to 1,000 orders/month
Up to 2,500 orders/month
Up to 5,000 orders/month
Inventory sync
Online Store, Online Marketplaces, Social Platforms and Point of Sale (POS)
Online Store, Online Marketplaces, Social Platforms and Point of Sale (POS)
Online Store, Online Marketplaces, Social Platforms and Point of Sale (POS)
Inventory locations
Website security (SSL)
Custom domain connection
On-the-go editing
Analytics & reporting
Free WordPress & WooCommerce site migrations
1 site
1 site
1 site
Social logins
Cookie consent
Blogs & forums
Extentions marketplace
Cart and checkout
Automated sales tax calculation
Abandoned cart recovery
1 part series
2 part series
3 part series
Manual order creation
Supported payment methods
250+ including GDP, PayPal, Stripe, Square + many more
250+ including GDP, PayPal, Stripe, Square + many more
250+ including GDP, PayPal, Stripe, Square + many more
Checkout add-ons
Cart notice
Address Validation
Order fulfilment & shipping
Real-time shipping rates
Print invoices and packing lists
Discounted shipping rates
Omnichannel selling features
Point of sale (POS) for in-person sales
GoDaddy smart terminal
per device +$249 ($499)
per device +$249 ($499)
per device +$249 ($499)
GoDaddy Card Reader with Charging Dock
per device +$49 ($99)
per device +$49 ($99)
per device +$49 ($99)
GoDaddy Mobile App
GoDaddy Payments
Online Pay Links
Virtual Terminal
Online credit/debit card rates
2.3% + 30¢
2.3% + 30¢
2.3% + 30¢
In-person credit rates
2.3% + 0¢
2.3% + 0¢
2.3% + 0¢
Virtual Terminal rates
3.3% + 0¢
3.3% + 0¢
3.3% + 0¢
Professional Email
Free for 1-year
Free for 1-year
Free for 1-year
Gift Cards
Discounted and promotional features (e.g.,coupons,sales badges)
Enhanced product reviews
Get found on Google with SEO
Platform hosting features
Uptime Guarantee
Storage limits
Free automated backups
Backup retention
30 Days
30 Days
30 Days
Data centers
US AWS region
US AWS region
US AWS region
Dynamic site acceleration including CDN
Web Application Firewall (WAF)
Malware scanning & removal
Image optimization
1-click staging
WooCommerce version managed
PHP version managed
WordPress plugin and Woocommerce extensions updates managed
SFTP access
Git integration
Olivia F.
GoDaddy Guide

We love to help. Seriously.

Still not sure what you need? Give us a call. We’re happy to help, even if you’re not a customer. Call us at 1-480-366-3546 and we'll chat — or get back to you as soon as we can.


Why are Managed WooCommerce Store plans better than just installing WordPress and WooCommerce myself?

The primary benefit is that we fully manage the technology stack for you. We also provide you with a managed WooCommerce store on high-performance cloud hosting that delivers high levels of performance, reliability and security. Furthermore, we provide you with exclusive and free access to premium WooCommerce extensions and enhanced functionality that is unique to this offering. These extensions and enhanced features make it easy to benefit from advanced analytics and reporting, automatically calculated shipping rates, track shipments, and much more. Our Managed WooCommerce Stores are the way to go.

What WooCommerce extensions are included?

We have included 25+ WooCommerce premium extensions and added native, built-in functionality that provides an enhanced experience without having to install extra extensions for the functionality that they provide. That’s $2,300 in WooCommerce extensions that you get free access when hosting your WooCommerce store with us. 

I don’t sell physical goods. Is this plan right for me?

Yes! While GoDaddy offers plenty of options to make selling physical goods easier, our Managed WooCommerce Stores include functionality designed for service businesses. Download digital goods, book appointments, sell subscriptions, memberships and more – all included as part of your plan!

What payment providers can I use with WooCommerce?

WooCommerce has extensions to enable the world’s most popular payment providers. Included with Managed WooCommerce Stores are options like GoDaddy Payments,, Chase Paymentech, Global Payments and hundreds more. 

How do Managed WooCommerce Store plans differ from other installations?

We start you out with the latest version of WordPress and WooCommerce, the same ones you'd download from What makes a GoDaddy Managed WooCommerce Stores different is what comes next. We handle the WordPress and WooCommerce installation, automatically install updates for the core software, plugins and extensions and keep everything running smoothly, while still ensuring your site enjoys wicked-fast speeds - all on a platform designed for optimal performance. You never have to hassle with installing another update or worry about running an outdated or compromised version of WordPress and WooCommerce.

Can I transfer my existing WordPress or WooCommerce site to GoDaddy?

Yes. You can move your existing WordPress or WooCommerce site over to GoDaddy. With our free, expert white glove support, we make migrations easy and quick. Either move it or have us move it for free to your domain name, or put it on a temporary domain, then just do a quick review and you're ready to publish. With our Managed WooCommerce Store plans you don’t have to worry about hosting for your ecommerce website, we have that covered for you. Request a managed migration within your store’s admin help section or call anytime and talk to a real person, 24/7/365 to migrate your site, 1-480-366-3546.

Can I transfer my existing site that wasn’t built on WooCommerce to GoDaddy’s Managed WooCommerce Store plans?

Sites that were not created in WordPress or WooCommerce may need to be re-created with a GoDaddy Plan within the Managed WooCommerce Stores. In those cases, we may refer you to someone at additional cost to help with that process, or you may want to do it yourself or hire someone else to help you create your new site on our Managed WooCommerce Stores.

Can I call GoDaddy with questions?

Absolutely. GoDaddy's WordPress and WooCommerce expert support staff is here all the time. Either request help within your store’s admin help section, or just give us a call whenever you’ve got a question and we’ll help you out. It’s all a part of our solution to help you grow. Call anytime with any question and talk to a real person, 24/7/365. 1-480-463-8386

Includes additional extensions.

The list below includes all of the exclusive added WooCommerce extensions available to subscribers to this offering. Free Extensions

Admin Custom Order Fields

Address Validation



Cart Notices

Chase Paymentech

Checkout Add-Ons

Customer/Order/Coupon CSV Import Suite

Customer / Order / Coupon Export

CyberSource Payment Gateway

Elavon Converge Payment Gateway

Global Payments HPP

Intuit Payments Gateway

Local Pickup Plus

Mailchimp for WooCommerce Memberships

Measurement Price Calculator


Moneris Gateway

Nested Category Layout

Order Status Control

Order Status Manager

Print Invoices & Packing lists

Product Documents

Product Reviews Pro

Re:amaze Helpdesk & Live Chat

Social Login

Tab Manager

Teams for WooCommerce Memberships

Twilio SMS Notifications

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