Season 4 of Made in America

Pursuing success in Baltimore

These are the stories of one woman who’s proving that you can build a big business from a small idea and of a couple who are driving their dreams of business success by choosing self-care and family wellness. Don’t miss this season’s unforgettable Charm City entrepreneurs.

Episode Guide

Season 4: Baltimore

Mia Season 4 Baltimore Episode 1

Episode 1

Meet the Baltimore entrepreneurs who are making gear for avid runners and proving self-care isn't selfish — defining success on their terms.

Mia Season 4 Baltimore Episode 2

Episode 2

Susan lands her largest order to date from REI, but without an inflow of cash, she’s running out of time to make it all happen.

Mia Season 4 Baltimore Episode 3

Episode 3

Tyron and April are on the precipice of landing a permanent place for their self-care and wellness business and call on family to help.

Mia Season 4 Baltimore Episode 4

Episode 4

Supply chain issues push Susan up against her deadline. And for the Harpers, will they land a spot in a historic marketplace?


Susan Clayton

"I want other people to realize that you don’t have to have big ideas to start a company. "

Susan’s two passions — running and entrepreneurship — led her to create one of the only Black-owned gear businesses in the country, WhitePaws RunMitts, a company that makes mittens for runners. She's gotten the attention of REI and landed her biggest contract to date. Now, Susan battles the clock (and supply chain issues) to make it all happen before time runs out.
Mia Season 4 Entrepreneur Susan Clayton


Tyron and April Harper

"Whatever you're afraid of, do it anyway. If you don't do it, you'll never get it, but if you try, you might."

A focus on positive self-care leads to family wellness and bigger business opportunities for Tyron and April’s company, Harp Vision. The Harpers are dealing with chronic pain and the pressure of multiple jobs but hope that a new contract will give them some breathing room, and a permanent place from which to sell their soaps, soaks, and body care products.
Mia Season 4 Entrepreneur Harpers


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