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For entrepreneurs in underserved communities, making it takes extraordinary resilience, resourcefulness and drive. Made in America spotlights entrepreneurs who lace up, show up and remind us what being self-made really means.

Binge-worthy small business stories.

Memphis. Atlanta. Phoenix. Watch the award-winning series about everyday entrepreneurs across America who are overcoming the odds to make their own way.
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Season 3: Phoenix

Made in America heads to Phoenix for Season 3 to document how entrepreneurs Dizzie Ramsey and Cherilyn and Mike Yazzie of Coffee Pot Farms are nurturing the community in very different ways.
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Season 2: Atlanta

As COVID-19 brings small businesses in America to a standstill, Atlanta entrepreneurs Yolanda Owens and the Robinson family show the grit, creativity and resilience needed to rise above and keep growing.
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Season 1: Memphis

Two powerful, determined women. One dream to make the lives they want by earning a living their way. Follow the stories of Memphis entrepreneurs Consuelo Rosales and Sequoia Ferguson in Season 1 of Made in America.

Made in America

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Creating economic opportunity for all.

A big thanks to our sponsors and partners, who bring the tools, resources and training to empower entrepreneurs in underserved communities across America.
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