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These entrepreneurs are meeting the moment.

Four different people. Four beautifully unique ways to make the world a better place. See how Moziah, Donté, Lizzy, and Evan are forging the future with fresh ideas.

Moziah Bridges

Fashion Designer & Clothier

From a young age, Moziah’s distinctive fashion sense outshined the trends, so he asked his grandmother to teach him how to sew. At nine years old, he launched Mo’s Bows. First trading bow ties for bags of chips, he’s now reached over $700,000 in sales and signed a leasing deal with the NBA. As business expands, Moziah retains close ties to his local community, creating manufacturing jobs and youth programs in his hometown of Memphis.

Celebrate Black History Month

A bow to the past. A nod to the future.

Add a drop of dapper to your wardrobe and celebrate Black entrepreneurs with Moziah’s new bow tie, inspired by Black History Month. It’s available exclusively on Mo’s Bows’ website, with profits supporting Black entrepreneurs.

Get Your Bow at Mo’s

Moziah’s Tools

A store that suits your style.

In Moziah’s world, style is king. That’s why he chose Online Store to create a shop that fits his brand.

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“My brand is more than a bow tie, it’s a story that tells the world you can do anything, at any age.”

Moziah Bridges

Donté Colley

Dancer & Content Creator

Donté is in the business of positivity — and his timing couldn’t be better. Gaining fame on Instagram for his infectious, uplifting dancing, Donté has become an icon for a world that needs a reminder of our power to shape the future.

Donté’s Tools

Claim your name.

Donté knows his name is his brand, so he was quick to make it his domain name.

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Donté also uses:

WordPress   Email Marketing   SSL Certificates

“My brand is encouragement. My vibe is hope.”

Donté Colley

Lizzy VanPatten

Rock Climber & Guide

After years of climbing in the U.S. and Patagonia, Lizzy started She Moves Mountains to confront a lack of female presence in the professional climbing world. Since then, she’s spoken on numerous panels and has been featured in both Climbing and Outside Magazine.

Lizzy’s Tools

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Websites + Marketing empowers you to create a site you didn't think you could do yourself, and Lizzy's all about leaving doubt in the dust.

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“Challenge the traditional idea of what it means to be a successful, confident woman.”

Lizzy VanPatten

Evan Rocheford

CEO & Co-Founder

Indianapolis-based entrepreneur Evan Rocheford is the 30-year-old who’s cultivating a more nutritious world, one kernel at a time. Working alongside his father, he’s transforming Professor Torbert’s Orange Corn into a pantry staple by making his nutritious, antioxidant-rich corn accessible to all.*

Evan’s Tools

Win with WordPress.

Evan chose Managed WordPress because he needed a highly flexible, customizable website for his fast-growing food business.

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Evan also uses:

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“My business philosophy is similar to the golden rule: don’t build a company you wouldn’t work for.”

Evan Rocheford

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