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Ayesha wants everyone to have the feeling of home.

When a young Ayesha opened the fridge, she saw a world of possibilities. Now, the celebrity cook, author and TV personality uses food to get people to And that's a revolutionary act.
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Ayesha starts
where she's at.

Ayesha knows first-hand the multiple demands people juggle today. As a wife and mother of three, she understands building a business (and creating a community) sometimes has to be wedged into an already packed schedule. Work sessions that can happen only after the kids are asleep? That’s where Ayesha started, and the starting point for people to see all she's built and created is her domain name,

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"I'm making the world I want by making sure that families understand the importance of food. How it brings us together, and how it's a love language."

-Ayesha Curry

Ideas, meet Ayesha.

Ayesha is always creating new products that make people’s lives easier. She started with meal kits. Despite zero professional culinary training, she perfected delicious, quick-prep recipes that get families together around the dinner table. And people liked them, so Ayesha added cookware, a natural next step. Now she’s turned her attention to the rest of the home and introduced a line of bedding that brings comfort and relaxation to bedrooms everywhere. Everything Ayesha creates is on her GoDaddy-hosted website that was built by a freelance designer, and whatever her next idea is will be hosted there, too.

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Ayesha keeps it really real.

Ayesha’s the exact same person whether she’s building her business, creating a community, or just chilling with her family: charmingly authentic and delightfully real. Her products are consistent, too, always delivering the feeling of home and bringing busy families together. And her email address matches her domain name, so when her message hits your inbox, you know it’s from the real, authentic Ayesha.

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