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Dan + GoDaddy

Dan creates custom court designs that bring pride back to communities.

A former basketball player, Dan Peterson had a big idea: partner with local artists to revive the run-down basketball courts in their community. He started the non-profit Project Backboard and now crisscrosses the country to create beautiful, colorful courts. Not only does he bring people together locally, his online presence helps him do so worldwide.

Dan needed a domain that was different from the rest.

New projects need a domain name, and most folks rush to buy a .com. Dan knew to go in a different direction. Because Project Backboard is non-profit, he wants to make sure visitors know it before they even visit his website. Dan chose projectbackboard.org to keep the cause front and center.

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"I want to live in a world where families are active together… where interactions between neighbors and strangers are an everyday occurrence."

- Dan Peterson

Every artist needs the right canvas.

With a basketball court as their canvas, Dan and local artists create designs as colorful as they are beautiful. When they’re done, members of the community have a new place to go, hang out and play. Dan chose to build his website with GoCentral Website Builder. It allowed him to capture the right look and spirit without having to sink a ton of time into it. And that turned him loose to get back on the courts.

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Getting the word on the streets.

Dan is naturally resourceful. Because the courts he redesigns lack public funding, he has to make smart decisions that keep Project Backboard reviving community spaces across the country. And that means sending a lot of emails to potential contributors. Nobody’s going to open an email from a generic address, so Dan picked up Professional Email to match his domain. Now whenever someone sees his name pop up in their inbox, they know he’s the real deal.

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