Domain Validation (DV) SSL Certificate

Authenticate your website – with a Domain Validation SSL certificate.
That means greater trust - for your fans, subscribers, visitors to your website.
Starting at $63.99/yr
$79.99/yr when you renew4

DV SSL certificates: a trusted level of domain validation.

That’s right, a website with a DV SSL certificate is a recognized trust-indicator because it means your site ownership has been seriously vetted and is verifiable to anyone who visits your website.

DV SSL certificates improves your Google search ranking.
You’re in luck. Google search recognizes sites with SSL certificates installed, and rewards them with higher search results ranking than sites that don’t have an SSL certificate. Now, that’s a win-win.
Increase traffic and sales.
According to a Certificate Authority (CA) Security Council study, only 2% of customers proceed past an “untrusted connection.” A DV SSL cert prevents these types of security errors that drive customers away.

Compare types of SSL Certificates.

Domain Validation

Organization Validation

Extended Validation

Proves domain ownership
Proves domain ownership
Validates organization
Validates organization
Shows business is legitimate
Shows business is legitimate
Boosts Google ® ranking
Boosts Google ® ranking
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