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Welcome to the GoDaddy Pro Academy.

Running a web design business can be hard. So we made courses and ebooks just for you to help make life that much easier.

Video Courses

Take our Pro Academy courses to grow, evaluate, skill up and challenge yourself. Learn in the areas of Discovering Your Niche, Moving from Side Hustler to Freelancer, Lead Conversion and Creating Your Tech Stack.

Discover Your Niche Title 1

8 lessons - 38 total minutes

Discover Your Niche

Do you know who you serve best? Take this GoDaddy Pro Academy course to discover how to narrow your offerings to a specific niche and stand out from your competitors.

Side Hustler To Freelancer Title

8 lessons - 38 total minutes

Business Evaluation: From Side Hustler to Freelancer

Are you ready to take the next step and move your side hustle to a full-time self-employed freelance business? This GoDaddy Pro Academy course will help you level up by challenging you to review and evaluate your business health.

Inquiry To Signed Proposal 1

8 lessons - 39 total minutes

Lead Conversion: From Inquiry to Signed Proposal

How well are you converting leads to clients? In this GoDaddy Pro Academy course, learn the process of converting a lead prospect to a brand-new client, with questionnaires, screening forms and proposal templates.

Creating Your Tech Stacks Title 1

8 lessons - 33 total minutes

Creating Your Tech Stacks

Having a web design and development business involves managing all the tools, software and online resources you need to run day to day. Take this GoDaddy Pro Academy course to discover how to set yourself up for success as you build your “stack” for repeated business and project-specific processes.

Free Ebooks

Whatever you do as a pro, we’re committed to rounding up the resources to help you do it better and more efficiently. We hope this collection of ebooks serves you well.

Free Ebook

How to start a web design business

If you’re wondering how to start a web design business, this free ebook will give you a big head start. It includes more than 100 pages with information to help you with every aspect of your new venture.

Free Ebook

How to grow your web design business

If our previous ebook helped you start a web design business, be sure to check out this information-packed companion to get you started growing your online enterprise.

Free Ebook

How to develop recurring income with SEO

Looking to make money with SEO on a recurring basis? Learn how to make passive income using an SEO strategy with affiliates, leadgen and more.

Setting Up Seo As A Service Marquee2

Free Ebook

Ultimate Guide to WooCommerce

Looking to create an ecommerce site? Our Ultimate Guide to WooCommerce will help you create a winning store. It includes everything from initial setup to specializing the store according to your unique business needs.

Free Ebook

How to create a customer care plan

Looking to set up a customer care plan and establish recurring revenue? Learn how to set your business for success with a customer care strategy.

Customer Care Marquee

Additional Resources

Expand 2021 brought the web design and developer community together online to connect and share. In case you missed it, you can still watch the sessions and download free resources to boost your business.

Agency Sales Framework And Checklist Cover

Free PDF

Agency Sales Framework + Checklist

Check out our agency framework checklist, part of a proven strategy for web agencies to close deals and turn relationships into high-value clients.

Create A Project Stack Cover

Free PDF

Create a Project Stack

Learn how to spend your time wisely through the power of project stacks. In this short guide, you’ll learn how to create a reusable collection of tools and task lists to templatize your approach and give you a head start on every project.