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API Reseller

Maintain your unique brand while adding profitability to your site!

  • Sell domains & more on your website

  • Increase shoppers

  • Add income

  • Improve customer relationships

  • Plans & Pricing
  • FREE Extras
  • Product Catalog
  • FAQs

Sell traffic-driving domain names, email plans and other unique software.

Already handling credit cards and real-time transactions? Earn more with the Wild West® Domains Application Programming Interface (API). Our API plugs seamlessly into your site, maintaining your branding and unique look and feel. With our expert help, you can earn your share of the domain name business – under your own private resale brand.

API Reseller
$12.49 /month
  • Integrates with Your Existing Website
  • Sell domains and Related Services
  • Maintain Your Unique Branding

Minimum commitment

  • Pay one annual fee.
  • Instant approval, no waiting to get started.
  • No minimums.

Maximum return

  • Competitive wholesale buy rates.
  • You set your own prices.
  • You maintain your own unique branding.

PLUS the best tools & technology

  • Comprehensive environment to test your application.
  • Built-in certification process tells you when you're ready to start selling.
  • The same order processing technology used by Wild West® Domains and GoDaddy.
  • Dedicated support line for API resellers.

    Need something with a faster startup? Check out our turnkey reseller plans.

Everything you need to boost your profits – absolutely FREE!

GoDaddy has pulled together the tools you need to start making money off domains and email plans right away. All API resellers receive the following FREE with their annual plans:


Search Engine Visibility

Easily analyze, optimize and submit your Web pages to Google®, Yahoo!® and other top search engines and directories.


Express Email Marketing®

Keep in touch with your customers the spam-free and legal way! We provide eye-catching email templates – you just insert your own text. We'll even help you build a mailing list.


WebSite Builder®

Use our easy site builder to give your storefront a facelift. WebSite Builder® comes with great-looking Web templates ready for you to customize. Just pick a template, create your pages and you're in business!


Web Hosting

All reseller plans come with 150 GB of storage space, 1,500 GB bandwidth and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Plus download dozens of popular software programs.


SSL Certificate

Your FREE SSL Certificate protects your customers' private data from being intercepted and stolen during transmission. Up to 256-bit encryption and a distinctive padlock seal to display on your site.


GoDaddy Online Storage

Free yourself from your desktop! With GoDaddy Online Storage, you can safely open any file from any Internet-connected computer or handheld device.


Market your website

  • Google® AdWords® Credit*
  • Bing®/Yahoo!® Search Credit**

Online Profit & Activity Reporting

Track your sales and earnings, domain name registrations, pending transfers and more with easy-to-read reports.


Reseller Support

We maintain a specially trained support team to get you the answers you need quickly.


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you're not completely satisfied with our reseller program, we'll refund your money no questions asked!


API Reseller $12.49/mo

  • Integrates with Your Existing Website
  • Sell Domains and Related Services
  • Maintain Your Unique Branding
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Take your Web business up a notch with these Internet products!

Once you become an API reseller, you simply select the products you'd like to sell and we automatically offer those products to your customers through your existing storefront. You can add or deactivate products at any time.

Domains & Related Services

  • .COM
  • .BIZ
  • .CO
  • .INFO
  • .NET
  • .ORG
  • Domain transfers
  • Private registrations
  • Domain Backorders
  • Domain Forwarding
  • Domain Masking
  • DNS Management

Email & Related Services

  • Personal Email

API Reseller $12.49/mo

  • Integrates with Your Existing Website
  • Sell Domains and Related Services
  • Maintain Your Unique Branding
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What is an API Reseller plan?

Domain Resellers API

Our Application Programming Interface (API) Reseller plan lets business owners share the success of the world’s number one domain name registrar without sacrificing individuality! With our domain reseller API, you can sell our domain name products and related services while maintaining your existing shopping cart website and exclusive branding. For more information, visit our API Reseller product support page.

What is Wild West® Domains?

Wild West Domains is an ICANN-accredited registrar part of GoDaddy Operating Group, LLC, dedicated to handling the top-notch infrastructure and world-class customer service for our turnkey and API Reseller plans. Hosting World magazine gave Wild West Domains an Editor’s Choice award for Best Reseller Opportunity, and named it the Best Domain Reseller Program. For more information, visit

How does the GoDaddy API compare to other reseller plans?

With GoDaddy and Wild West Domains, you get the best of both worlds. You can purchase a low-cost reseller plan and offer our tried-and-true products on your own unique Web store. Even better, our industry expert staff is there to back you up. In addition, our plans feature marketing and business tools to help you manage your reseller business.

How do I know if your reseller API is the right solution for me?

To use our domain reseller API, you must have the programming ability to build your own reseller storefront website and call SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) Web service methods. In addition, you must use both a backend database and a shopping cart solution. As long as your site or application can call the appropriate Web service methods via SOAP, the GoDaddy API does not restrict you to any specific operating systems or programming languages.

How does the reseller API work?

When your customer makes a purchase, you use the Web service to submit the transaction to us. Our server authenticates your credentials, processes the transaction, and returns an XML response to you. Then, you provide confirmation, such as a receipt, to your customer. Note that you must have enough funds available in your pre-paid account with us to cover your customers’ transactions.

Which products and prices can I offer my customers?

As an API reseller, you run the show. You can pick the products you want to offer on your existing storefront and set their prices as you see fit. You can select from a number of top-level domain names (TLDs), ccTLDs, and domain-related products, such as private registration, backordering, forwarding, DNS management, and email.

I just purchased a reseller API plan. What’s the next step?

After you purchase a domain reseller API plan, you can begin to integrate the flexible, simplified API in to your existing reseller site. We provide an operational testing environment (OTE) so you can get certified and test your integration. Once you pass certification, you can start selling domains and related products to your customers using the reseller API production environment. For more information, see the Wild West Domains API Reseller Quick Start Guide.

Where do I manage my API reseller account?

We provide a Reseller Extranet in which you can manage your API reseller account. It includes robust reporting tools and configuration options for your plan.

How do I fund my account with you?

Before your customers can purchase our products and services on your API storefront, you must fund your account with us. Your pre-paid balance must be high enough to cover any transactions your customers make. To fund your account, you must use the Reseller Extranet to wire funds to Wild West Domains. You can also set up a low balance alert in the Reseller Extranet to notify you when your pre-paid balance falls below a certain threshold.

Where do my customers manage their accounts, and where can they get help?

We provide an Account Management page that your customers can log in to on your storefront to manage their accounts. You can use your Reseller Extranet to customize this page with images, text, and links. The Reseller Extranet also includes a Support Options page in which you can enter the phone number, email address, and URL you want your customers to use when contacting you. When your customers need assistance, you are responsible for providing technical support.

Where can I get help with my domain reseller API?

We have an API support team available to assist with you with any questions or problems you might have. You can contact us at or (480) 505-8857.

API Reseller Includes

  • Google® AdWords® Credit* up to USD $100
  • Bing® / Yahoo!® Search Credit** up to USD $100
  • How to be a Reseller ebook, written by one of our top resellers
  • Search Engine Visibility shows you how to submit your site to popular search engines
  • Email marketing comes with templates to help you market to your customers
  • Tools you can use to create a custom website for your stores — Web hosting or WebSite Builder® for resellers
  • SSL certificate reassures your customers your storefront is secure
  • GoDaddy Online Storage gives you anytime-anywhere access to all your files
  • 30-day money back guarantee