Open GoDaddy Web Design Leads

Welcome to our pilot program! This form is your gateway to expressing interest in the leads you'd like to be paired with. Should you be selected, we will facilitate an introduction by sending an email to the client, including you in the conversation. This is your opportunity to take the lead and build a meaningful connection.

We're starting to test automatic matches based on your skills and the leads that come in. Please fill out the survey below to ensure we match you only with leads that you'd want.

This program is currently open only to a select group of previously approved web designers and developers, emphasizing our commitment to quality and expertise while we work through this pilot program

Closed Leads

  • Membership-Based Feet Finder like Website with Subscription Model
  • Membership-Based Travel Advisor Platform with Integrated Booking System
  • Personalized Gift List Website with User Profiles and Custom Wishlists
  • Continuous Website Maintenance and Updates Online Magazine
  • Marketplace for Script Transactions between Screenwriters and Producers
  • Completion and Brand Alignment of Client's Website with Existing Marketing Materials
  • Selective Migration of WordPress Pages to GoDaddy Hosted Site
  • Website Design for Short Term Rental Property with Booking Features
  • Updates to existing law firm site
  • LMS and Membership System for Online Learning
  • Enhanced Security Encryption for Forms on Private Investigation Website
  • Consumer-to-Consumer Rental Platform
  • Specialized Headhunting Platform for Oil, Gas, and Renewables Industry
  • Add the ability to sell E-Books on an existing WP site
  • Personalized Family Reunion Event Pages
  • Barter and Trade E-commerce Platform with Social Media Integration
  • Ongoing site updates for a boutique management consulting firm
  • Bed and Breakfast with automated contract generation
  • Product Recommendation Quiz
  • Property Listing Site for Film Industry Professionals
  • Esports Betting Platform Development for Gamers
  • Small updates to a website
  • Centralized Booking site for vacation rentals
  • Community Platform Development for Mental Health Support
  • Tech focused architecture firm
  • Online Store for antique weaponry
  • Car Club Social Networking Site
  • Community-Driven Review Platform for Devices and Medications
  • Multi-Vendor Service Platform
  • Advanced Website Development with Enhanced Database Integration
  • Adult eCommerce Website
  • Exotic Dancer Website