Selling Comic Books Online

Choose your own adventure.

Selling comic books online sounds like a childhood dream come to life, but with today’s technology, it’s never been more possible. Take those stacks of comic books collecting dust in your attic and turn them into cold, hard cash. Start sorting through your collection and pick out comic books you’d be willing to part with.

While you’re at it, do some research into what comics are already online. Check out sites like eBay and Amazon to see what other sellers are doing. To get more industry insight, head over to online specialty stores like to see what is in high demand and to find quick selling options. Put together a few different categories, like superhero comics, action comics and science comics.

Advertise your best pieces.

Lead with your most valuable editions to draw in prospective buyers and get them hooked on what you have to offer. Look at what leading comic book sites are advertising as their “best” items and see if you have similar items. If you have related merchandise, like action figures or posters, consider posting those on your comic book website as well. Collectors like to get their hands on all sorts of pieces especially if their part of a set. Look for ways to bolster your offerings with additional collectibles and items.

Be realistic about the condition.

You’ve lovingly collected each comic book in your collection over the years, and it can be hard to imagine putting a price tag on your treasures. And unfortunately, there will be times when the sentimental value of a comic book greatly outweighs the monetary value of the item. In those cases, it’s important to keep in mind realistic resale value. Do your homework and base the prices of your comic books on what other online retailers are asking for similar items.

In addition to finding the right price points, a detailed description of the comic books will go a long way in selling. Try to use the phrases “mint condition” or “nearly mint condition” sparingly, since not every comic book is in pristine condition. Be upfront about any wear and tear or any damage to the books and price them accordingly. If you’re open to trade or price negotiation, make a note of that on your site and provide a way for people to contact you to discuss transactions.


Set yourself up for success.

Invest in some clear book sleeves and cardboard backing to keep the condition of the comic books consistent from shipping to arrival. Take photos of your inventory so that buyers know what they’re getting and there is no confusion. Relying on stock photos just opens you up to the possibility of miscommunication.

Categorize your comic books to improve the shopping experience. You can’t expect buyers to click on every single comic book you have for sale. List your inventory by:

  • Issue number

  • Genre

  • Year published

  • Limited-edition

Plan your comic book sales.

Look for events to tie the comic books you have for sale. For example, if a new Superman movie is set to release in the summer, use that to your advantage and advertise your Superman comic books around the release date for the new movie. Capitalize on interest when and where it’s happening.

Use your existing social media accounts to announce new items for sale and to generate interest in your comic book business. A few simple Facebook or Instagram posts that show off the type of comic books you have for sale could be enough to encourage one of your followers to check out your comic book website.

You’ve launched your site: now what?

Check out these helpful resource pages to maximize the impact and reach of your comic books website: