Sell phones online

Cell phones? Nah, sell your phones online with ease.

It starts with your domain name.

The first step in creating your website is to choose your domain name. Think of something that will be easy for shoppers to remember and to spell (you don’t want to lose business because people can’t remember how to spell your domain name). While a .com domain name is the standard for most online stores, keep in mind new domain extensions - like .mobile, .store, or .shop - to create a unique domain that stands out from the competition.

Find your focus and avoid making phony offers.

If you’re going to enter a world run by giants, make sure what you offer is legitimate. The best competitive advantage you have over places like AT&T and T-Mobile is your ability to control price.

Maybe you focus on offering used and refurbished phones at a huge discount. Maybe you find a distributor who sells to you in bulk. Whatever it is, controlling your price points will help ensure that customers buy from you instead of the other folks.


Make quality your product standard.

Gain attention by providing a service that’s rare in the online world: selling quality products for quality prices. Most people looking for a new phone have most likely lost or broken their old ones. They’re not looking for a new contract with a service provider; they just need a device that works.

Ensure you test for quality assurance with each of your products. Leave a review and ratings section on your website so people can express their gratitude...and their frustrations.

Don’t let bad service kill your business.

Not every sale will go as smoothly as it could. You’ll get unsatisfied customers who bought faulty products. You may even have people unsatisfied with your services or shipping policies. Ensure you put in place the best customer service to keep people coming back for more.

Clearly state your company’s policies and ensure they are fair. After all, you don’t want one bad apple (or Android) to ruin your reputation. Take time to speak to all people who have complained and do your best to make it right.

Offer the newest phones you can. And the oldest.

There will be some customers who want the newest iPhone or Android. Maybe some are looking for an older version. In fact, some of your buyers might be collectors. Don’t be afraid of selling technology from the 90s and early 2000s. People love these gadgets! Just make sure everything you sell is of high-quality.

Get your site seen online.

Like any online business, your success will largely depend upon your visibility. Ensure you are set up the right way with stellar Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to make your site relevant. You may also wish to try using paid search tactics, as well. With this service, you pay Google a certain amount of money to appear within sponsored search results. If you choose this route in addition to SEO, set limits for how much you’re willing to spend each month, as it can quickly get expensive.

Keep selling phones online after your initial launch.

Your phone website might have started out with a bang, but it takes consistent effort to keep your products in front of people and to keep making sales. Don’t let sales dwindle after your initial website launch. Check out the below resource pages to learn about more ways that you can increase the impact and reach of your website:

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