Sell Services Online

Define your services.

So, you want to sell services online. The first step is to be completely clear on what it is you’re offering. Will these services be available online only, like IT, web design or technical support? Or are you creating a site to advertise services to be performed offline, like yard work, car repairs, housing sitting and more?

Another possibility to consider is partnering with businesses or other individuals who offer similar services. This strategy can be helpful for many reasons, like increasing your exposure to your target audience and sharing operating costs.

Brand yourself and your services.

Presentation is key, especially when you’re selling services online. Unlike other online sales companies, selling services can be tricky without a physical product to offer your audience. That’s where things like branding and website design become important. Remember, you’re trying to convince customers to buy the service you’re selling through describing the results of your service. If possible, include before and after photos of projects and jobs you’ve worked on to communicate the value of the services you’re selling. For services that are harder to depict with images, like accounting, you’ll need to clearly explain what customers get when they hire you. Explain why your unique selling points--why should people choose you? If possible, include reviews or testimonials from your past clients as proof of your abilities.

Offer a glimpse at what you do.

If you do something like web design or copywriting, include a few samples of your work to show potential clients the type of services you provide. Selling services online translates to selling your abilities, so don’t be shy when it comes to showing off your skills. Take some time to reflect on your experiences and figure out what makes you unique. What do you do different or better than the other service providers in your space? Maybe you include a complimentary project estimate or advise clients free of charge. Case studies are always appreciated--show what you’ve done for clients and the results they achieved. Make it obvious why someone should hire you.


Show up where your audience hangs out.

Get in front of the right customers by advertising yourself on service-for-hire sites. When looking for services online most people will check out trusted websites like AngiesList, CraigsList and TaskRabbit, so create a profile and post your available services. Job boards can be great places to find new customers and get some experience selling your services. Additionally, sites like AngiesList require a membership, which means that users have already proven they are reliable and interested in hiring someone for services. This type of vetting—working with members on a certified job-seeking site—is crucial for small businesses that can’t afford to waste time and resources digging through leads and deciding which jobs to pursue.

Sell services online.

Streamline the process and bring in extra revenue with an online store to sell your services. If you’re offering things like home repair estimates, an online store could be a great way to gain new customers. Look for a website hosting service that includes an ecommerce component to make the setup of your online store as seamless as possible.

Depending on the type of services you’re selling online, you’ll want to include photos along with prices and descriptions of the services you offer. The more information you can provide the better.

You’ve launched your site: now what?

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