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The 20 million online microbusinesses in the U.S. boost annual household incomes and create jobs. See how many are in your county and how they impact your local economy.

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    Adding one new microbusiness per 100 people is associated with a range of benefits

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    The current average Microbusiness Density is .


    The average U.S. unemployment rate is .


    Measured as microbusinesses per 100 people. The average U.S. microbusiness density is .


    Recession Recovery score as measured by the change in Prosperity (2011-2018). The average U.S. score is .

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    See how microbusiness density each month in 2020 is correlated with leading economic indicators from Opportunity Insights, U.S. Census Bureau, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics

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    Microbusiness Density
    Variable(s) Shown Description Source
    Microbusiness Density The number of microbusinesses per 100 people GoDaddyGoDaddy
    Commercial Vacancy Rate High commercial vacancy rates leave communities with distressed assets and drive down property values. Microbusiness density and commercial vacancy rates don’t show a correlation. Brookings InstitutionBrookings Institution
    Highly Active Microbusiness Density Microbusinesses with a more active online presence are associated with a range of benefits like higher household median income GoDaddyGoDaddy
    Reported revenue decrease Percent of small businesses reporting a loss in revenue in the last week, according to the U.S. Census. Communities with more microbusinesses had fewer small businesses reporting recent revenue loss. U.S. Census BureauU.S. Census Bureau
    Relative change in credit/debit card spending Seasonally adjusted credit/debit-card spending is strongly correlated with overall consumer spending. Communities with more microbusinesses had greater relative levels of credit/debit-card spending. Opportunity InsightsOpportunity Insights
    Unemployment Rate Percent of workforce with no job but actively seeking employment. Each additional microbusiness/100 people causes unemployment to drop .05 percentage points in a county. Bureau of Labor StatisticsBureau of Labor Statistics
    GoDaddy Website Transactions Number of commercial orders per website in 2020 to 2019, aggregated nationally across 1 million GoDaddy Websites + Marketing (W+M) websites. The higher the number, the greater the relative order frequency. GoDaddyGoDaddy
    GoDaddy Website Traffic Number of visits per website in 2020 relative to 2019, aggregated nationally across 1 million GoDaddy Websites + Marketing (W+M) websites GoDaddyGoDaddy
    Microbusiness Index An index to track microbusiness activity GoDaddyGoDaddy

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    Microbusiness Density - - -
    Highly Active Microbusiness Density - - -
    Recession Recovery - - -
    Unemployment - - -
    Change in Household Median Income (2016-2019) - - -
    Microbusiness Index - - -

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