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The Great Britain Report

The first empirical analysis undertaken for Great Britain (GB) microbusiness data on a large scale.

Image of Tower Bridge, London, UK

Staggeringly, 96% of the businesses in Great Britain are considered microbusinesses, which are defined by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) as having less than 10 employees. Yet, this group of businesses is often unseen and therefore underserved — until now. Introducing the first deep analysis on these millions of entrepreneurs in the Great Britain Microbusiness White Paper.

This initiative brings exclusive data and insight, quantifying the positive social and economic impact of over 2 million British microbusinesses. These businesses are essential contributors to their local communities and the national economy, which is why we’re providing a powerful tool to inform and thereby empower policymakers at the national, regional, and local authority levels. Our utmost goal is to improve the understanding of how to support microbusinesses and the people behind them.

Venture Forward by GoDaddy is a research initiative started in 2019, to quantify the impact of 20+ million U.S. microbusinesses on their local economies and provide a unique view into the attitudes, demographics, and needs of these everyday entrepreneurs for policymakers and economic developers.

Kent Business School (KBS) used the latest GoDaddy data up to Q1 2021 to create this report on the relationship between microbusinesses and the economic health in their communities. The results are fascinating.

Our goal is to empower policymakers and economic developers with the data and insight they need to better assist the microbusinesses in their communities and the everyday entrepreneurs behind them. This whitepaper represents groundbreaking work done in collaboration between GoDaddy and UCLA Anderson, delving into the factors that contribute to the success of online microbusinesses, categorically groupoing and weighting these factors so they can be used as a cumulative scoring mechanism.

A Closer Look
Microbusiness Density Across GB by Constituency

*Each constituency is colored according to its Q1 2021 microbusiness density using the following ranges: Low 0-.5, Medium .5-1, High 1+.

Sibling Rivalry

1 in 2 microbusinesses conduct business both online and in-store, with 37% online only - highlighting the importance of access to broadband as a foundational need for these entrepreneur.

GB Sister Cities Microbusiness Density

GB City Microbusiness Density
London 6.8
Edinburgh 0.9
Birmingham 0.7
Liverpool 0.6
Plymouth (county) 0.5
Newcastle 0.5
Whitby 0.4
Sunderland 0.3
US City Microbusiness Density
New York City 8.2
San Diego 7.0
Chicago 8.5
Birmingham 3.4
Plymouth (county) 6.1
Little Rock 2.4
Anchorage 3.0
Washington, D.C. 5.6

Additional Links

The Microbusiness Data Behind the White Paper

Download GoDaddy's Great Britain microbusiness data used to inform the white paper. The date range is available through Q1 2021 at the constituency level.

Q&A with GB Microbusiness Author and KBS Professor

George Saridakis, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Small Business at Kent Business School (KBS), sat down to explain the white paper in more depth for those interested in the goals and concept behind the initiative.