Venture Forward

United Kingdom

GoDaddy Venture Forward is a research initiative that quantifies the impact online microbusinesses have on their local economies.

It also provides a unique view into the attitudes, demographics, and needs of these entrepreneurs – including 2.3 million UK microbusinesses. Currently very few studies focus specifically on companies with under 10 employees. Yet, research shows the more microbusinesses there are in a community, the better the job prospects and finances of the people that live there.

Our data is updated quarterly, and available for free download.

A Closer Look
Microbusiness Density Across GB by Constituency

*Each constituency is colored according to its Q4 2022 microbusiness density.

Low Density (.2 - .6), Medium Density (.6 - .9), High Density (.9 - 16).


The Microbusiness Data Behind the White Paper

Download GoDaddy's Great Britain microbusiness data used to inform the white paper. The date range is available through Q1 2021 at the constituency level.

Q&A with GB Microbusiness Author and KBS Professor

George Saridakis, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Small Business at Kent Business School (KBS), sat down to explain the white paper in more depth for those interested in the goals and concept behind the initiative.