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GoDaddy partnered with academic researchers and data scientists to analyze the 20 million ventures our customers created across the U.S. The data uncovered a scope and impact of everyday entrepreneurs that has been long suspected, but never proven. They are diverse. They are everywhere. Their economic impact is significant. They are making a big difference in their communities. And critically, their contributions are largely missed by government statistics.

The diversity of everyday entrepreneurs made rigorous methodology absolutely critical to the project. To control for population differences across the United States, the research team used the density of ventures per 100 people to model effects on economic outcome measures like economic prosperity, change in median income, and recovery from the Great Recession at city and county levels. These models controlled for many additional variables including broadband subscriptions, educational levels, age cohorts, demographics, population and occupational data.

GoDaddy is continuously updating our data, especially with respect to the economic impact of COVID-19. For the latest insights, please see our News section.

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