The GoDaddy Venture Forward July 2021 report is live

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Research overview

The GoDaddy Venture Forward July 2021 report is live

Did you know that Americans embraced entrepreneurship in record numbers during the pandemic, creating 2.8 million more microbusinesses in 2020 than the previous year? Or that Detroit and Philadelphia were hotbeds of this startup activity? Or that the number of new microbusinesses in ZIP codes with majority Black populations soared in the weeks and months after fiscal stimulus checks were issued in 2020?

These are some of the insights you’ll find in the latest research report from Venture Forward, GoDaddy’s years-long initiative to evaluate the impact of 20 million online microbusinesses on the U.S. economy. The picture that emerges is clear: These everyday entrepreneurs used their optimism, creativity and resilience to survive, and in many cases thrive, during the pandemic. And without them, the economic damage wrought by COVID-19 would have been even greater. 

The report also introduces important new tools for policymakers, academics and others to better understand and improve their local economies.

We hope you find the report informative and useful. Our goal is to illuminate the very real impact microbusinesses have on our economy and to work with policymakers and influencers who want to tap into their potential. Please reach out to our team at or download the data for yourself here. We’re ready to help and eager to work with you!