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Customer Website Gallery

Customer websites that inspire.
See how folks like you use Website Builder to make the world they want.

Customer Website Gallery

Customer websites that inspire.
See how folks like you use Website Builder to make the world they want.

Preservation of Style

With Preservation of Style, Alexandra Gargiulo made a coffee-table book that commemorates the historically significant buildings of Los Angeles. She spreads the word using Website Builder's newsletter creation tools and with the online store she can process orders, make shipping labels and let people know their books are en route — all from one place.

"Online store was so easy to set up and literally saved my fulfillment process. I print out the order forms and leave them for my assistant, who just grabs the book ordered and ships it."

Alexandra Gargiulo

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Alexandra used the Script theme to create her website.


Designer and F.I.T. graduate Danielle Smith is the brainchild of the SOUNbag, a durable, stylish, camo-forward accessory bag made for musicians, DJs and performers. She partners with GoDaddy for all her online ecommerce needs — an integrated solution of domain management, Website Builder, hosting, and Office 365 for productivity and business email.

"Website Builder gives me lots of options to create my online store and tell the SOUNbag story. It’s easy to use, intuitive for non-techies like myself, and has all the tools you need to start and maintain your business’ online presence."

Danielle Smith

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Danielle used the Highlight theme to create her website.

Thea Monyee

Author, healer, performer and inspirational figure Thea Monyee unlocks joy through her consultations, webinars, podcasts and publications. Managing all the spokes in her self-help wheel is a snap with Website Builder, and with hosting she always knows fans will be able to find her online. Next up? Spreading the wisdom with email campaigns and her first newsletter.

"After I made my GoDaddy site, friends were raving about it and asking me to do theirs! I don’t know if people realize just how easy it really is to make a beautiful site with GoDaddy’s tools."

Thea Monyee

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Thea used the Spaces theme to create her website.

Phat Birds

Phat Birds is the southern-style fried chicken joint started by the wife-and-husband team of Max Henriquez and Tanya Stukes. Their website allows people to find their business, see their hours, current menu, and social links. Integrating with all their meal delivery services streamlined their order system and makes grabbing their cheddar-and-chive fritters and house-made Chicharrons simple for customers.

"Website Builder’s templates make it easy to set up a professional website, and the partnerships with vendors makes setting up online ordering as easy as clicking one button."

Max Hernandez

Max used the Urban theme to create his website.

The Definition

Drawing from his unique experiences growing up on the LA streets, Gabriel Smith’s The Definition tells the story of his struggle, redemption and growth. Gabriel built and manages his site with Website Builder on an iPhone, using its mobile-first tools to amplify his motivational message and connect with others looking to transform their lives.

“With their sleek templates, my GoDaddy site has made a huge difference in customers, readers and fans feeling confident in me as an individual and business overall.”

Gabriel Smith

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Gabriel used the Urban theme to create his site.