Life Coaching Services to help you define, accomplish & live your most fulfilling dreams, Home Harmony Consultations to create intentional spaces for intentional living&Wilderness Reflections Retreats
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Living by Design is..... ...being clear about your personal values & acting from conscious choice ...choosing gratitude and focusing on what you want to manifest rather than what you want to avoid
Home Harmony Consultations combine traditional Interior Design, Feng Shui and Wabi Sabi principles to create living, working & playing spaces that support a Life by Design!
A variety of energy, body wisdom accessing, creative & meditative practices to explore our personal "wilder-ness" and discover its gifts of rejuvenation, balance & power.....
Living by Design is..... ...embracing both responsibility and credit for your thoughts, behaviors & actions ...joyous, loving, spacious, compassionate freedom & any attributes you want to embody
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