Flowering Pear Poultry
Flowering Pear Poultry is a "hobby" farm in Pittsgrove NJ. We have many various purebred beautiful chickens that I raise and breed to sell as chicks, pullets, cockerels, hens and roosters.
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Operating Hours:
Monday-Friday: by appointment only Weekends: 9-dusk EST by appointment only Open some holidays **Call or Text for more information: 609-202-8715**
Flowering Pear Poultry has beautiful eating eggs for purchase. The colors range from white to cream, blue, green, dark brown, chocolate, pinkish and coming soon are gray and olive!
Flowering Pear Poultry has many beautiful pure breeds of hens and roosters that free range here on the farm! Some are available for purchase.
Flowering pear poultry has chicks, pullets, and cockerels running around getting social on a daily basis. Many breeds are available for purchase.
We work hard here at Flowering Pear Poultry. There are always coops to clean, runs to move to fresh grass, predators to keep watch out for, mouths to be fed and watered among other things!
Will provide address after appointment is set and confirmed.
Pittsgrove, New Jersey 08318
United States
+1.(609) 202-8715
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