Groovin' Groceries is a children’s wellness program led by a musically driven group of animated characters that teach kids about healthy eating and exercise habits. Become a Nutrition Musician.
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Groovin’ Groceries Lead Band: The lead characters from each food group (Bobby Broccoli, Banana Jamma, Betsy Bread, Fiona Fish and Max Milk) front this band and encourage smart eating!
Bobby Broccoli and the Hip Hop Crops: Kids will love Bobby Broccoli, the lead singer and dancer for the Hip Hop Crops. He’s the epitome of cool, and heads a funktastic group of dancing friends.
Stinky Shoe - Peeyew! Brins a toe tapping pop workout tune to life - Stinky Shoe-Peeyew!
Junk Food Joe and the Sugar Monster - these two lament that it is only a good idea to hang out with them “sometimes”.
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