Monroe Works
Supplier of certified organic worm castings and liquid plant fertilizers: Pure Black Castings™, VermaPlex®, VermaMax® and other organic fertilizers. Bulk and individual amounts. Local Florida delivery
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Monday - Sunday: 8:00 am - 6:00am
Pure Black Castings™: The gold standard for worm castings. 99.9% ALL castings. Available in 40#, 20#, and 5# bags. Bulk ton quotes available on request. Certified Organic, OMRI Listed
VermaPlex®: Rapidly gaining legendary status in the horticulture world. The premier liquid plant fertilizer and soil inoculant. Bring your soil back to life.
VermaMax LE®: NEW! Made from our organic VermaMax® granules (castings and chicken litter). Fantastic results reported from growers around the country. For extra green and nutrition.
VermaMax®: Certified organic combination of Pure Black Castings™ and chicken litter. For extra nitrogen uses.
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