Foot Logic Reflexology
Professional Licensed Foot Massage and Body Massage. Clean, relaxing and comfortable environment. We are located on Dublin Blvd. Dubln, CA. Registered Licence Number: 10946
Business Type(s):
Health > Fitness
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Operating Hours:
10:00 AM - 10:00 PM (6 days a week) We close on Tuesday. Last Appointment is 9:00 PM.
Help better sleep, strengthen immune systems, helped lower the systolic blood pressure, helped decrease the intensity and duration of phantom limb pain
Pressure Points / Spots
Detail of Pressure Points / Spots
Relaxing, Comfortable and Health Improvement.
4288 Dublin Boulevard, Suite 201
Dublin, California 94568
United States
+1.(925) 829-0188
+1.(925) 829-0188