We create memorial, retirement and commemorative pieces for Fire, EMS, First Responders, Police Officers, and US military personnel. We produce history textbooks. (Honoring the Firefighters 9-11)
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We created the first teaching coloring calendar workbook for all ages. How many times did the American Flag changed over 240 years? A great way to interact with your children and a keep sake.
Explore our leaders of yesteryear in this one of a life time presentation. All of our books interact with the parent who can open a dialog with your child. Taking the immigration test her is your book
A master piece of great history. In a magogany shadowbox we display the US President and the First lady together for the first time in history. We have the Vice-President and the Second Lady Seal.
This explosive one of a kind dynamic incite of how the US Fleet was destroyed at Pearl Harbor on December 07, 1941 through the eyes of both the Japanese Airmen and our brave sailors and soldiers.
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