Commonwealth Express - CommEx
Commonwealth Express - CommEx - is a Kentucky Courier with same day delivery and pickup service in Lexington, Richmond, Winchester, Berea, Nicholasville, and surrounding cities in the Bluegrass.
Business Type(s):
Business > B2B
Business > Law
Business > Services
Business > Transportation
Society > Law & Government
Operating Hours:
Open 24 Hours Closed Holidays
The light blue indicates our current service area of Commonwealth Express. The remainder of the map indicates our future service area.
Building on its reputation for exceptional customer service and personalized delivery solutions, we have become one of Kentucky's fastest growing business delivery solutions from daily routes to rush!
Deeds, wills, contracts, legal responses, legal filings, summons, subpoena, or writs – whatever your document(s), we know the rules and guarantee complete confidentiality and the best possible care.
Those in Healthcare and Biotech rest easy with their life-saving packages safe in the hands of specially-trained couriers at Commonwealth Express®. Contact us today for additional information.
2008 Merchant Drive Ste 2
Richmond, Kentucky 4075
United States
+1.(800) 270-3565
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