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    Alabama Handyman looking for help with my website

    Hello everyone. My website is We are a handyman/home improvement company in Alabama. As you quickly see, I hardly do anything with the site. I really do want to start making time to update the site. Any suggestions, comments, or ideas would be very welcomed. 



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    Nice clean basic brochureware site...  Is the site producing leads or meeting your goals?  The thing with brochureware is it is what it is.  Nothing interactive, nothing in depth -- just the basics expecting folks to find you and call or email.  If that's not working for you time to maybe get a new updated look and put a plan in place to build your content out.


    => Take the opportunity on your About Us page to have photos of you and your team. How many of you are there a couple, 10, 50?   Small companies have the advantage of providing personalized service and attention.  Talk about that!


    => Include why you love running your business and what makes you tick.  Adding some personal information will humanize your business (and your site) and make you approachable.  Right now we are a bit "corporatey".


    => Remove your address and replace that with a link to your contact form.  If you must display an email address use an address using your dot com.  AOL is not a professional or business email address service and tends to indicate a lack of tech savvy.  Using your dot com for email is also a branding opportunity with every email you send!


    => Adding more pages about your projects and describing the process of doing business with you for each will also help folks know what to expect and how you approach new projects. Link to those pages from your What We Do page.


    => Terms, conditions, accepted payments, down payments -- information like that be helpful too. 


    => You know the questions potential customers ask -- create a FAQ page that includes all those questions and your detailed answers.  You just cannot have too much information!  The more the better!


    => Are you a member of the BBB, Chamber of Commerce or any other associations/organizations? If so add those logos/links.  I know in working with clients in the construction industry that being members of those type of organizations tends to lend to your credibility.


    => You are in an uber competitive market.  Searching for "handyman" in your area all I find is HomeAdvisor, BBB, Porch,Yelp, Yellowpages.  They dominate the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).  So you'll have to really work your site for exposure. 


    => It doesn't look like you are on Google Local either -- you'll want to do that.  Bing too.  Having a Facebook business page setup for folks who search Facebook for local businesses probably wouldn't be a bad idea either. 


    HTH! 😉





    "Good things happen to those who hustle." ~ Anaïs Nin