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Offer Scam Email - Japan

Received the below. Did a bit of searching online. Pretty decent SCAM as I'm prob about to get a follow up email about a "verification certificate"


My name is Asahi Nakamoto. I work for a Japanese hosting povider - one of the leading hosting providers in Japan.

I act on the behalf of our VIP client (domain investor) and  will help you to sell your domain. The buyer purchases several domains to generate traffic to his new web project.If you need faster response please contact me in Telegram. My user name in Telegram: DNBroker (@DNBroker).

Our commission is only 6 %. The commission is divided between you (3%) and the buyer (3%) and paid after you get the money.
The buyer offers $49000 in bitcoins or $48500 via Paypal.
The payment to you will be made via escrow service to protect both parties during the transaction. You will get 50% before the domain transfer and 50% after.

To proceed with the sale, the bank of the buyer requires a  verification of compliance with Japanese law and trademarks because he will run his startup in Japan. Please don't worry. If you don't have it you can order it online. I will help you with instructions and will not leave you along with this.

According to his country law the domain holder may lose domain if it has trademark conflicts or other legal restrictions. He is a professional investor and cannot afford to lose the money and domain and will send you the funds only after you send him a verification from an independent agency that make legal verification in Japan. I hope you understand it.

The verification must include the following:
- The certification agency must be certified to verify domains in Japan.
- Verification of compliance with Japanese law and trademarks.
- The certificate must be up to date (issued during last 30 days).
- Official copy of the verification in Japanese.
- The certification agency must be authorized by the buyer and his bank.

We asked him if GoDaddy or Sedo appraisal certificates will work as a verification for him. I'm not sure they have a license to verify domains in Japan. Now we are awaiting for his answer.
You've been warned
Community Manager

Hi @whazziz. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience. Hopefully it will help others avoid a similar situation. 


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