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Mis-sold transfer

Yesterday I spent a lot of time speaking with support about the transfer of one of my domains across to GoDaddy on the offer of a free one-year extension to be told that my domain does not qualify for the one-year extension and that it was all explained in the hidden small-print which was (and remains inaccessible) on the website.

Having clearly established mis-selling of the transfer I am advised to contact the previous holder of my domain to reverse the transfer.  They have told me that is not possible and GoDaddy need to amend the IPS-TAG back to them or whoever else I wish to move my domain to. So, can someone please sort this out.  My domain expires within the next month and I will not be held to ransom over this matter.


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Hi @gcrow77,


To be honest, if Godaddy say there is small print, there really is small print. If you tell us what disqualified your domain name, the reasons given, plus your domain name. Then we can check up for you to find this small print.


Seriously though, the seller of the domain is within their rights to keep the money and buy some new shoes, and godaddy are within their rights if certain domains or services are excluded. 


So......................... Smiley Frustrated


Transfer Your Domain From only £6.49* & Free 1-yr extension. ++


*,†,††,+,++,^^,^^^,± Click here for product disclaimers and legal policies. is not clickable to establish what the disclaimers and legal policies are.


I am told that most of the domains do not qualify for the Free 1-yr extension therefore in UK law (as my transaction is with Go Daddy Europe, Ltd., 5 New Street Square, London EC4A3TW) mis-selling has occurred as any advertised claims should be very clear and available to the majority but the minority. (For example, credit rates advertised most be offered to at least 51% of applicants).


I am sure that neither GoDaddy or myself want or need to go down any legal route.  I just want what has been advertised or the ability to take my business (and domain) elsewhere.

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Hi @gcrow77,

Hmmm, I do see that it's a dead link! Also that the terms are under the title of......... 'Frequently asked questions' I think.

Take a look at it and tell me if these look like the terms that you would have liked to have read please.

I do also note a 100% money back guarantee!


Also that you say you were told that your business was with Godaddy Europe? This I'm sure is wrong. Where was the actual point of sale? To what bank account does your money go?

I was also caught out on this deception moving an australian domain from another company to GoDaddy. I found no information on the purchase screens to say that au domains did not receive the free 1 year! I also have a receipt from GoDaddy stating that my term is for 1 year and the cost was $0. After talking with a representative I was told that the 1 year is not valid on the receipt because of the $0. This is crazy and GoDaddy will not HONOUR their receipt. I expected the cost to be zero and the cost does not negate the term on my receipt of 1 year!! I used to respect GoDaddy but I would advise buying au domains from other companies