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    How do you locate bloggers so you can post to your website

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    This is can be a tough one due to the different variables that are involved. 


    I know there are services out there that you can pay for to have people write content for you, which would get the ball rolling to get people interested in writing on your site. For me on my sites I'll either post the content or I'll ask friends/family to write some "guest" articles which they've seemed to enjoy as I try not to ask them to write something too often if I'm not paying them. 


    Hopefully this helps a little bit!

    Helper V



    hi there,

    Some folks will be a guest on your site if you offer advertisement ..... but ya this is a hard one. I have folks contact me for such things, of course this is what they get paid for.

    Another question is why do you want other folks writing for you? Or is your platform one of those sign up for their own blog??

    It is very time consuming doing your own thing I do agree.......

    Mrsroadrunner Photography