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GoDaddy customer support email address?? - GoDaddy customer support

Try to get through to GoDaddy customer support with a broken keyboard on my phone. The automated operator just loops and loops. I don't see any email addresses on this site anywhere.

Former Employee

Greetings @KurtisMan ,


Thanks for asking. While there are some specialty email addresses for account access, transfers, aftermarket, and other specific departments there is not a general technical support email address. You'll want to check the homepage in your locale for contact options (some areas offer chat) or the link below.


Finally, I mean to be serious and not too personal, but perhaps it's time to repair or upgrade the broken communications device. It must make all support requests difficult. In any case, I hope that helps or at least informs.

Best regards,

Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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