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DNS issues - cannot delete forwarding from DNS

I have several domains that were previously set up for domain forwarding, but no longer are.


The issue I'm facing is that there is still an A record in the DNS with a value of "Forwarded", and there is no way to remove it (see below):




Under the forwarding section, there is no forwarding set up.  Under both domain and subdomain, it says "not set up".


In this instance, the left over forwarding record is at the zone apex.  I've created an additional zone apex record successfully, but am still unable to delete this "Forwarded" record and have confirmed using nslookup that GoDaddy's DNS servers are returning both the value of the new A record I created, as well as an additional IP pointing to GoDaddy's servers which means that half the visitors to my website are potentially not getting there.


I've tried following the suggestions in this other post, which is curiously marked solved, though there doesn't actually seem to be any solution in that post.  I've tried clearing cache, using a different browser, different computer, different ISP and the issue persists.


I also tried contacting support via chat and they were of absolutely no help and just kept insisting that I needed to wait for the DNS changes to fully propagate, even though I explained that in some cases these changes were made a week ago.


Please help!




i´m having the same issue !

looking for an answer i found your question...

i´ve tried everything, even forwarding the domain again, and deleting it, but with no luck