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Domain Forward Error when trying to edit

Hey guys,


Have a domain that is already forwarding. I am trying to edit the forward, and when I do and click SAVE it says that an unexpected error has occurred and to contact support.


Support chat is busy, and calling in won't be an option for a couple of days.


Any ideas? Tried in Firefox and Safari.


Re: Domain Forward Error

Greetings, @ba2017 ,


The first thing that occurs to me is that perhaps the edit has already taken place. My expertise is domain transfers and I know that sometimes when people click "approve" to process a transfer it doesn't appear immediately and a similar error appears if they try to do it again before it updates.

I'd refresh and see if the modification has occurred. Somewhat of a shot in the dark, but Support will be there when you're ready if that isn't it.


I hope that helps,


Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator

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