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Domain was bought elsewhere (Netfirms), hosted here 'DNS Only (Hosting)'.. What does this mean?

I've been tasked on uploading a new website (never had to deal with 3rd-party hosting before), and I'm not sure where to begin-- this includes find where the website files are hosted and how to access them, but I figure my above question is a good place to start.



Super User I

It means the domain is pointing to GoDaddy's nameservers to use their hosting, and you can make changes to the zone files. But there are limits on what else you can do with the domain since it is not registered at GoDaddy.


Can (should?) I move the domain to GoDaddy? We have other sites where both the hosting and domain are here already.


Also, I can't even determine where the content is hosted..

I always think it's a good idea to have the domain registration and hosting at the same vendor (whether GoDaddy or another company). That's simpler for you, in terms of logging into one account, having bills come from the same company, only one tech support number to call, etc.


If the hosting is in your GoDaddy account, I would consider transferring the domain registration to the same account. It's inexpensive (around $10) and includes a year of additional registration, so it's actually NO cost to you to do so.


Do you have a hosting package on the account? That's where the files would be.