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Redirect works, but not for Admin / Login for mediawiki or wordpress

I have registered a domain name and set up the appropriate redirects with my self hosted wordpress and mediawiki servers.


All seems to work except for when you try to login to either, i just get a blank page. Both work using the ip address and port number etc but not using the domain. I have recently switch broadband providers and now have a static ip, the previous redirect was done using Both wordpress and mediawiki fully work using the duckdns redirection hence why it must be a godaddy problem.


Both the domain and subdomain are permanent and set to forward with masking.


Any ideas????

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Hi @waj2008,


What is your domain name?

The domain is, this is the wiki and can also be accessed via The login link in the top corner fails to load via the domain but not using the duckdns redirect or the IP address.